Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another finished project

Anna's hat came out well. I just sewed it up about 15 minutes ago and one of Meg's dolls kindly obliged me by acting as model.

(It's just a pity I'm not equally as productive or motivated regarding my college assignments however. )

It's a definite thumbs up for the pattern book. I really like how straightforward the pattern instructions are. They are written in plain English with abbreviations introduced gradually. I'd say by the time the final pattern had been worked anyone using the book would find they had built up a sound knitting pattern vocabulary.

The stitch definition with the Cruise yarn was lovely and crisp. I enjoyed how quickly the piece grew. I'll definitely use it again. It looks like it would take embroidered detailing well.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

My breakast in The Wild Onion was all the nicer for the fact that my regular table was free and there was no waiting. Sweet as a nut. I spent a lovely chilled out time savouring the food, the wonderful coffee and reading the National Geographic article on Black Phaorohs that I've wanted to read for about a month. Some work on Gran's Grannysquare Warmer completed my lovely breakfast time.

Of course, it being my birthday, and a precedent having been set in previous years, I duly wandered off to, where else, Singer Sewing to pick up some cotton yarn for my friend's baby hat. She dropped some pretty unsubtle hints about not being able to find a simple cotton hat for Anna. Everything she saw in the shops had manmade fibres in their construction that she doesn't approve of for babies. That and they were too fussy with too many details. She crochets but added that she just hasn't had the time to whip one up for her latest lil madam. Hmmmmm....yeah. I got the hint.

I spied this in the store when I got there and thought it was a groovy idea. It takes a knitter from first principles through to garment construction. All the while you're putting more learning into practice and able to see the fruits of your endeavour from the get go. That's my kinda learning curve. I figure this is a handy set of patterns to have in Rainbow's Stitch'n'Bitch. It's based on a particular yarn, but since it's double knitting weight it's fairly easy to substitute other yarns.

Speaking of substituting yarns, that's precisely what I'm doing for project 4 in the booklet. I got Tivoli Cruise DK. Since it's cotton, and therefore heavier, a 100g of it isn't equal in length to a 100g of another yarn made from mixed yarns or artificial fibres. Project 4 called for a 50g ball of Sirdar Snuggly DK. The lovely lady in the store checked the yardage for me and there's much of a muchness between them. I figure it's a pretty rough rule of thumb to go for twice the weight of cotton yarn to acrylic yarn in order to get a similar yardage.

Along with yet another new project :rolls eyes to heaven: I got a black yarn to use with my green Bonus Flash DK yarn to modify the cardigan I'm knitting. The green is just too much on it's own unbroken. I'm hoping that the Black Bonus DK will blend well with the green colourway and tone it down a bit.

Fingers crossed!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

This time 2 years ago....

I treated myself to more expensive finer yarn than I would normally have allowed myself. I choose a pattern for a slinky top with a nice repeating but still subtle design and choose my a shade of my favourite colour purple. This was to be my birthday present to myself for my 27th.

Roll on to two years later and aforementioned garment is STILL a work in progress.

But, then, so am I.

Then my treat was a girly top.

Now, I'm excited by the fact that there's an online TG knit/crochet group and that folk are knitting soft packers.


I'm thinking that the girly top might not get finished after all.

Not sure what I'm gonna get up to for my birthday tomorrow.

I know that at some point I will find myself in Leamy House for a stitch'n'bitch session. It's my home away from home with people who are more family to me than my biological variety, with the exception of my daughter.

I'm fairly keen on getting a seat in The Wild Onion diner so I can indulge in their oh-soooooooo-wonderful breakfast with bottomless coffee. Mmmmmmmmm. Oh, yeah. :) (and of course I'll bring Gran's Grannysquare Warmer to work on).

The trip to Dublin which was suggested by J.C., while tempting , isn't feasible financially or taking puppy into consideration. Plus the fact that I've 2 x 2,000 word essays to do, a 1,500 word Personal Journal and a Taped Interview critique of 1,200 words to get done and into college by April 28th. So far I've chosen essay titles. So....erm......

No pressure!
So, yeah, I see studying slotting in somewhere over my birthday weekend.

Not sure about the birthday cake or any real celebration though.

But, heck, I'm child free!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bear cub scarf finished

I started it on Thursday 13th March and cast it off yesterday. Today I weaved in the few stray strands left due to yarn changes and voila, birthday pressie for my favourite bear cub finished. And if he doesn't like it, there are 7 other people who think it's absolutely fab.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Funky fur scarf finished

I have sooooo many works in progress that I'm thrilled to have actually finished one.

As illustrated in the photo below it's made using an eyelash yarn. This particular yarn is called Funky Fur. I'm not a particular fan of using eyelash yarns. Usually, they tend to be rather fiddly. This one however is refreshingly different. The core yarn strand is quite sturdy and knitted up into a lovely structured fabric. I worked this piece up with 4mm needles. Unlike other eyelash yarns I've used it can actually be frogged with the minimum of frustration. Frogging is ripping back the work (cos ya rip-it, rip-it).

The yarn is gorgeously soft. It's actually soothing to knit with. I found myself stopping to stroke it every so often. It makes a great, non-moulting cat substitute. Just as soft and no cat-nip required. You'll be the one purring with contentment. I virtually was.

This is the use it's being put to. My daughter's dolls now have the height of fashionable throws to snuggle into.


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Portable Yarn Arts

If you can create it with yarn and it's transportable then it's a Portable Yarn Art.

These span the spectrum from knitting to smocking and all endeavours in between.

Nowadays, those endeavouring to save the planet can go green with their crafts materials and employ organic cotton, fair trade alpaca and vegan friendly soya silk yarns.

Yarn crafts have evolved with the folks who create them.