Monday, March 10, 2008

Funky fur scarf finished

I have sooooo many works in progress that I'm thrilled to have actually finished one.

As illustrated in the photo below it's made using an eyelash yarn. This particular yarn is called Funky Fur. I'm not a particular fan of using eyelash yarns. Usually, they tend to be rather fiddly. This one however is refreshingly different. The core yarn strand is quite sturdy and knitted up into a lovely structured fabric. I worked this piece up with 4mm needles. Unlike other eyelash yarns I've used it can actually be frogged with the minimum of frustration. Frogging is ripping back the work (cos ya rip-it, rip-it).

The yarn is gorgeously soft. It's actually soothing to knit with. I found myself stopping to stroke it every so often. It makes a great, non-moulting cat substitute. Just as soft and no cat-nip required. You'll be the one purring with contentment. I virtually was.

This is the use it's being put to. My daughter's dolls now have the height of fashionable throws to snuggle into.


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