Saturday, March 29, 2008

My breakast in The Wild Onion was all the nicer for the fact that my regular table was free and there was no waiting. Sweet as a nut. I spent a lovely chilled out time savouring the food, the wonderful coffee and reading the National Geographic article on Black Phaorohs that I've wanted to read for about a month. Some work on Gran's Grannysquare Warmer completed my lovely breakfast time.

Of course, it being my birthday, and a precedent having been set in previous years, I duly wandered off to, where else, Singer Sewing to pick up some cotton yarn for my friend's baby hat. She dropped some pretty unsubtle hints about not being able to find a simple cotton hat for Anna. Everything she saw in the shops had manmade fibres in their construction that she doesn't approve of for babies. That and they were too fussy with too many details. She crochets but added that she just hasn't had the time to whip one up for her latest lil madam. Hmmmmm....yeah. I got the hint.

I spied this in the store when I got there and thought it was a groovy idea. It takes a knitter from first principles through to garment construction. All the while you're putting more learning into practice and able to see the fruits of your endeavour from the get go. That's my kinda learning curve. I figure this is a handy set of patterns to have in Rainbow's Stitch'n'Bitch. It's based on a particular yarn, but since it's double knitting weight it's fairly easy to substitute other yarns.

Speaking of substituting yarns, that's precisely what I'm doing for project 4 in the booklet. I got Tivoli Cruise DK. Since it's cotton, and therefore heavier, a 100g of it isn't equal in length to a 100g of another yarn made from mixed yarns or artificial fibres. Project 4 called for a 50g ball of Sirdar Snuggly DK. The lovely lady in the store checked the yardage for me and there's much of a muchness between them. I figure it's a pretty rough rule of thumb to go for twice the weight of cotton yarn to acrylic yarn in order to get a similar yardage.

Along with yet another new project :rolls eyes to heaven: I got a black yarn to use with my green Bonus Flash DK yarn to modify the cardigan I'm knitting. The green is just too much on it's own unbroken. I'm hoping that the Black Bonus DK will blend well with the green colourway and tone it down a bit.

Fingers crossed!!

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