Friday, March 28, 2008

This time 2 years ago....

I treated myself to more expensive finer yarn than I would normally have allowed myself. I choose a pattern for a slinky top with a nice repeating but still subtle design and choose my a shade of my favourite colour purple. This was to be my birthday present to myself for my 27th.

Roll on to two years later and aforementioned garment is STILL a work in progress.

But, then, so am I.

Then my treat was a girly top.

Now, I'm excited by the fact that there's an online TG knit/crochet group and that folk are knitting soft packers.


I'm thinking that the girly top might not get finished after all.

Not sure what I'm gonna get up to for my birthday tomorrow.

I know that at some point I will find myself in Leamy House for a stitch'n'bitch session. It's my home away from home with people who are more family to me than my biological variety, with the exception of my daughter.

I'm fairly keen on getting a seat in The Wild Onion diner so I can indulge in their oh-soooooooo-wonderful breakfast with bottomless coffee. Mmmmmmmmm. Oh, yeah. :) (and of course I'll bring Gran's Grannysquare Warmer to work on).

The trip to Dublin which was suggested by J.C., while tempting , isn't feasible financially or taking puppy into consideration. Plus the fact that I've 2 x 2,000 word essays to do, a 1,500 word Personal Journal and a Taped Interview critique of 1,200 words to get done and into college by April 28th. So far I've chosen essay titles. So....erm......

No pressure!
So, yeah, I see studying slotting in somewhere over my birthday weekend.

Not sure about the birthday cake or any real celebration though.

But, heck, I'm child free!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!

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