Monday, April 7, 2008

Sky Jacket

Figured that I'll gradually work my way through the First Steps book of patterns. I like the idea of starting with the basics and working on up. Since the recipients are Megs dolls it's not like they or she will be fussy (much).

I started the back panel of the jacket yesterday and was quite happy to cast it off finished this evening.

I even got over 500 words racked up towards my Personal Journal.
With procrastination (and tiredness) this entrenched I've got to acknowledge individual achievements.

Actually, I finished the rear panel while watching my mate Mike a.k.a. Sheila Fits-Patrick doing his thing on TV3 as part of Diary of a Beauty Queen. Mike is a natural on the telly. Caught sight of myself and hadn't realised before the first screening of the show that I'd be on it in any way. Friends and family texted me on Tuesday to let me know it was on and was I watching it. Um....seeing that I was in counselling class the answer was no. So, I got to see the repeat tonight, and another friend rang to make sure I was watching it and not missing myself. Tee hee.
Of course, my child stunned Mike by letting him know that her "mammy likes taking pictures of men in dresses" :sigh: I'm so very glad that I'm not shy or prone to embarrassment. Kids.
I have, however, taken photographs at a few Alternative Miss Limerick competitions and certainly have a veritable portfolio of men in dresses as a result. I'll scan them at some point and add them to my other blog

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craftyrainbowhead said...

I really must actually get around to scanning those photos and uploading them to Limerick Drag Kings