Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Finished my jumper


I took advantage of waiting room time this morning to sew the pieces together with the result that my Joma jumper was ready to wear by 12pm. Of course, twas not the creator who got first dibs at wearing Joma first. No, my blond bombshell daughter just had to try it on first. Y'know what? It fit her! I was well surprised because it's sized for an adult.

I eventually got to try it on when we got home. Had to have a pic taken so roped blondie in. Yeesh! She really does prefer being in the shot rather than taking the shot. I'm not thrilled with the photo (I rarely am when I'm the subject) but t'will do.

It's lovely and comfy to wear . the curling hemlines add to it's comfiness. There's no feeling of being hemmed in.

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