Friday, June 27, 2008

Not a lot of progress

At least on the yarn front this week.

I've not picked up the pins much since arriving back from Dublin. I'm kind of stuck on Megs vintage cardi with all the decreases and increases and feel I might need to frog it back a bit. That's never fun. Not feeling all that well at the moment, so I'm not up to dealing with the vagaries of increases and such with the cardi.

I might well just stick with swatching up my three new yarns.

I've started with the lighter colour of the Roxy yarn.

For a slubby yarn it's knitting up quite easily.

The needles are 5.5mm that I got free with one of my knitting magazines. I'm at a loss at to which one. They are quite 'plasticy' but okay to work with.

Bamboo needles are still my favourites. Although, alas, due to not realising my own strength I managed to snap one of my 4mm bamboo needles in half :(

Roxy knits up with a slight curl and is quite varigated. Methinks it would be best suited to children's knits, scarves and hats.

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