Friday, June 20, 2008

Progress so far

Progress by the 15th. A respectable 6 & a bit cms.

Progress as of today - the piece on the left is 15 and a half cms. The piece on the right is the front brought up to the shaping stage. It was a noodle numbing part to do. I didn't quite trust that the pattern was right at points when it was asking me to cast of soooooooo many stitches.

It came together in the end though when I realised that I needed to then pick up stitches up to the place where stitch holders are (I couldn't find all my stitch holders with the move so I'm using one straight needle as a needle holder). These picked up stitches are knit up to form one side of the cardi to sleeve level and beyond. Then the stitches from the other side will need to be picked up and the same routine followed to sleeve level and beyond.

Um....still not quite sure how the held stitches will figure into things. Twill be interesting to see. I'm pretty sure they form a place for the ribbon to be laced through.

As you can see from the pic above my blond bombshell is well happy with her new pressie. It's the bikini bag from Debbie Stoller's Happy Hooker courtesy of Cheers Marian. :) I foresee countless hours of happy posing for my bombshell with her new accessory.

Thanks in no small part to my bombshell's morning antics I felt in need of some retail therapy this afternoon.

Look what I got. Purdy aren't they? :)

They were only €2.00 per ball in Lena's of William Street. You can check them out via I don't usually shop there due to not relishing having a gaggle of sales assistants trying to help me with my purchases. The last couple of times I've been in there though, there were only one or two assistants and they didn't leap at me, so I felt relatively comfortable having a browse.

At the moment, they have bargain baskets of yarn on sale for €2.00 as above. There is quite a range of yarn types and brands available. Enough for garments in some cases. If there's a yarn that's generally pricey and I've wanted to 'play' with it to see if I like how it knits up and drapes it's extra nice to find it in the bargain bin. Generally, these bargain bin offerings would be quality yarns that are end of season stock.

In some cases there will be quite a few balls of yarn from the same dye lot on offer which have just been slow to sell due to colour not being to local tastes. They are still perfectly good for swatching and experimenting with. At a couple of quid a ball, if it turns out ya hate the yarn it's not such a loss financially.

Talking about loss, I'm losing valuable snoozing hours online. It seems to be my new vice. Oh well, could be worse. Although methinks I shall feel worse for wear on less than my full quota of sandman hours while commuting to Clonmel in the afternoon with my bombshell.

From Clonmel I'll be boarding another bus for Dublin which will get me to the big smoke for 9p.m. Most likely, by that stage, I'll be sleepwalking. Meh, I could care less, cos it means I'll get to spend the weekend celebrating Pride in Dublin. Woohoo!! Happy me.

Happy Pride Folks :)

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Maz@styletreaty said...

Thanks for the link Lou. Oh and you're more than welcome for the bag!!