Thursday, July 31, 2008

Crocheted cuteness!

This piece of crafty cuteness took pride of place on my cardi for the day and shall be making it's way into the Coffee Dock with me too.

My blond bombshell gave it her thumbs up. Methinks it's likely to be nabbed before long.

It made it's way to me courtesy of Marian from

Thanks Marian!
You can check out her idea here.
Off to show off my crocheted piece of cuteness to my fellow rainbowheads.
Bye a while folks.
Stay crafty.

Non - Trad Baby Blanket

Does the colourway put anyone else in mind of carrots? Seriously! Am I the only one who thinks I should make a Bugs Bunny stuffed toy to go with it??
According to the tykes dad the lil nipper has a thing for orange and green at the moment. I wonder whether he also likes the veggie the colour combo reminds me of?
I'm pretty much experimenting with this blanket as I know that it can be pretty off the wall and still be quite acceptable to the tykes folks.
Crochet is a nice change from knitting and a bit more portable. Yesterday found me feeling rather bored in Dunnes while my blond bombshell shopped for new clothes, shoes, accessories [she's a tween :resigned sigh: ], so, have crochet:vanquish boredom!
It must have been an interesting sight to other shoppers. The great thing about living in an Irish city though is that people pretty much keep their thoughts to themselves (which in terms of creativity and networking is a pain but that's a kvetch for a different blog). So, Megs got to shop in peace and I got kept myself occupied and didn't rush her. Family harmony yarn style.

Beth's sweater progress - Picture

I've pretty much just tacked the centre point of the sleeves to the main body to make sure they're positioned properly.

It's looking quite cute already dontcha think?

It's so far so good with the opinion on the neckline. I asked the fair damsel of if she could spot the blunder. She had a good look at the front, then asked if it was on the back. Cool. Once Marian did spot it she thought it was part of the stitch detailing and was meant to be there.

That's good enough for me! :)

Beth's sweater progress

The neck has been picked up, shaped and cast off.
I've sewn the uppermost part of the sleeves to the body of the sweater.
What's left now is to sew in the rest of the upper sleeves to the main body of the sweater and sew up the sides.
It's so cute and dinky.
Of course, nothing goes as smoothly as it seems it will. Once I had the neck cast off I noticed a blooper at the front. There's a detail at the v of the neck that requires 2 stitches to be slipped, then one knit or purled and the slipped stitches brought over that stitch. Somewhere along the line I must have twisted the stitches cos the detail doesn't look like it should.
So I'm torn at the moment between the knitterly itch in my brain that tells me to frog it back so I can make it just so and the on-going fight against perknickity perfectionism. Hmmm. Methinks I shall show the piece to folks at Rainbow Coffee Dock this evening and see if anyone spots it without being guided to notice it.
Aside from that current, oh so nearly finished, work in progress, I've started on the crocheted baby blanket for my friend's baby. The nipper's dad let me know orange and green are the babe's favourite colours. He drawn to them it seems. Thing is, as I've been working up this blanket, all it puts me in mind of are carrots. Methinks I should craft a Bugs Bunny to go with for a sense of completion and appropos.
Whatcha think?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Perfect Top update

She likes it!
The Perfect Top got R.'s seal of approval which means that it can now be officially added to my to do list.
All happy with myself now.
She also approves of the colour that it's been knit up in for the magazine pics.
Looks like I'll be having some shocking pink in my stash before long.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Beth's sweater progress

Usually travelling means that I get quite a bit done knitwise. This weekend past proved to be an exception. Sleepiness induced by a 6am start really isn't conducive to whipping one's way through a pattern. Who knew? ( :P )

Anyway, I've managed to make progress on Beth's sweater and have just finished the sleeves.

:Satisfied sigh:

I had a pause for thought around the increases on these. There was room for interpretation but I went with my gut and what seemed like common sense. It must have been the right way to go because they seem to have turned out alright.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The fruits of my days labour....knitwise

This afternoon found me sipping cappucino and knitting in public outside The Bagel Factory on Thomas Street.

Ah...sweet bliss and enjoyable company. I sat down with a friend and his companion. His companion turned out to be lovely (as my granmother would say) congenial company. The weather was lovely, both in itself and for the craft of knitting. Not too bright, not breezy or humid, or cold on the fingers. Just right. :contented sigh:

So I happily stayed put after my friend went back to work and his friend went on his merry way.

The front of the 'Just for Boys'/Now for a Girl jumper

The back

(The needle going through is to counter fabric furl, just in case ya were wonderin')

I cast on the sleeves while I was on the bus home from the Rainbow Coffee Dock volunteers meeting. The bus driver said, as I was getting off, that he should ask me to knit him a scarf or sweater :)

Ya never know, I could start taking orders yet.


Happy times to ya all folks and may your adventures, yarn or otherwise, go well.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The cool thing about babywear....

It knits up so quickly. This is where I'm at currently with Beth's sweater. Below is a picture of the front which has progressed beyond armhole shaping and progressed to neck shaping.
The back is beyond the armhole shaping stage (which can't be seen due to the fabric furling under) and requires me to continue with the current number of stitches for 11 cm. Easy.

I'm quite happy with the way this is coming along. It's a good antidote to the frustration I felt over Meg's Vintage Cardi. Her Cardi shall remain a WIP until my good humour towards it returns. Which, hopefully, shall be soon.

This little yokey I picked up in Tesco for about €2 or under I think. It's quite handy to have a tape measure when knitting in public as I was yesterday. Impatient/enthusiastic me didn't want to halt my knitting until I got home to measure it so hence the purchase of the above. No tedious rewinding either. All you need to do is press the yellow button and it rewinds.

Just watch your fingers don't get caught.

Beth's sweater progress

Just for Boys.............

But then again, a simple colour change later and it would seem girls are now also included. :)
As you may know, from my ravelry profile and from my previous blog entry here, I had bought the yarn before knowing which pattern I was going to use. My ever growing stack of knitting magazines proved its worth by providing me with a lovely straightforward pattern. I opted for a straightforward design with minimal detail due to the varigated nature of the yarn. Stitch detail would be lost in the sea of colour variation.
The picture above shows the fruits of my first nights efforts (Friday night). This pattern calls for a thumb cast on which I have thankfully mastered and no longer need to ask my mother to cast on for me! Yay me! I've become confident enough with this cast on that I can now do it while watching telly. A minor achievement for some but a great yarny leap forward for me.
I like the effect of this particular cast on at the hem of the garment. It seems softer somehow.

This is the stage the piece had reached by this morning. I've reached the armhole shaping at this point and worked a couple of rows past it.

As you can see from the picture I'm working on both the front and back sections. I'm using two strands on each, alternating every 2nd row. This means that I'm hefting 4 active balls of yarn with me when I travel with this (Yes, I kip - Knit in Public). It's worth it to see how evenly spead the colours are. I've used Bonus Flash DK for two projects before and only used one strand which meant that the colour pooled. This wasn't a disaster as I quite like the effect but it's nice to see how the yarn works up according to manufacturer's instruction to alternate between balls.

Not just for boys!!

Friday, July 18, 2008


I passed my exams!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sooooooo relieved.

I'm a 3rd year now.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

The perfect top

My friend R. doesn't trust me to choose an appropriate style of top to knit up for her.

I think my downfall was when I mentioned lace. Frilly is really not her cup of tea and I think this is the image that the mention of lace details conjured up for her.

It's not like me to give up on an idea though. The August issue of Let's Knit came up with the perfect top for R.

Betty Barnden designed this top called 'Paris'.

It's a pretty simple and straightforward top which should meet with R.'s approval (I hope!).

The stitch used to lovely effect on the lower half of the top is called 'Eifel Stitch' hence the Parisian connection.


So here' s to hoping that R. will smile in anticipation of wearing it.

And no, I'm not going to hope for the best and knit it up anyway. A woman should, after all, be an active participant in her wardrobe selection.

I've been shopping!!

These are the colours I picked out the non-traditional baby's blanket. Hmmmmm, if I add white the little fella will be all set for Paddy's day :) Now that'd be heading towards too traditional.

This is the yarn I picked up today for the cute lil newborn daughter of the AML organiser. With the colours in the varigated yarn creating most of the visual interest I'll most likely opt for a simple design.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I bought yarn for a friend's baby blanket.

Orange and green. Fabulously non-traditional :)

But then so are my friend and his gorgeous partner.

Pics to follow.

Nite folks.

Do drop me a comment or two on your way.


Thursday, July 10, 2008


Yarn has taken a backseat to socialising. Sleep has also taken a backseat to socialising and I really must address that.

I know things are out of balance when the very thought of picking up sticks to knit gives me an ache.

I think I need to take a chunk of time off and sort my way through the house and book time for a massage for my poor aching shoulders.

While I acknowledge the need, I also acknowledge the likelihood of it happening to be slim.

Oh well.



Perchance knitting tomorrow.

Love, light and blessings to all who may read this.