Monday, July 21, 2008

Beth's sweater progress

Just for Boys.............

But then again, a simple colour change later and it would seem girls are now also included. :)
As you may know, from my ravelry profile and from my previous blog entry here, I had bought the yarn before knowing which pattern I was going to use. My ever growing stack of knitting magazines proved its worth by providing me with a lovely straightforward pattern. I opted for a straightforward design with minimal detail due to the varigated nature of the yarn. Stitch detail would be lost in the sea of colour variation.
The picture above shows the fruits of my first nights efforts (Friday night). This pattern calls for a thumb cast on which I have thankfully mastered and no longer need to ask my mother to cast on for me! Yay me! I've become confident enough with this cast on that I can now do it while watching telly. A minor achievement for some but a great yarny leap forward for me.
I like the effect of this particular cast on at the hem of the garment. It seems softer somehow.

This is the stage the piece had reached by this morning. I've reached the armhole shaping at this point and worked a couple of rows past it.

As you can see from the picture I'm working on both the front and back sections. I'm using two strands on each, alternating every 2nd row. This means that I'm hefting 4 active balls of yarn with me when I travel with this (Yes, I kip - Knit in Public). It's worth it to see how evenly spead the colours are. I've used Bonus Flash DK for two projects before and only used one strand which meant that the colour pooled. This wasn't a disaster as I quite like the effect but it's nice to see how the yarn works up according to manufacturer's instruction to alternate between balls.

Not just for boys!!

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