Monday, July 21, 2008

The cool thing about babywear....

It knits up so quickly. This is where I'm at currently with Beth's sweater. Below is a picture of the front which has progressed beyond armhole shaping and progressed to neck shaping.
The back is beyond the armhole shaping stage (which can't be seen due to the fabric furling under) and requires me to continue with the current number of stitches for 11 cm. Easy.

I'm quite happy with the way this is coming along. It's a good antidote to the frustration I felt over Meg's Vintage Cardi. Her Cardi shall remain a WIP until my good humour towards it returns. Which, hopefully, shall be soon.

This little yokey I picked up in Tesco for about €2 or under I think. It's quite handy to have a tape measure when knitting in public as I was yesterday. Impatient/enthusiastic me didn't want to halt my knitting until I got home to measure it so hence the purchase of the above. No tedious rewinding either. All you need to do is press the yellow button and it rewinds.

Just watch your fingers don't get caught.

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