Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The fruits of my days labour....knitwise

This afternoon found me sipping cappucino and knitting in public outside The Bagel Factory on Thomas Street.

Ah...sweet bliss and enjoyable company. I sat down with a friend and his companion. His companion turned out to be lovely (as my granmother would say) congenial company. The weather was lovely, both in itself and for the craft of knitting. Not too bright, not breezy or humid, or cold on the fingers. Just right. :contented sigh:

So I happily stayed put after my friend went back to work and his friend went on his merry way.

The front of the 'Just for Boys'/Now for a Girl jumper

The back

(The needle going through is to counter fabric furl, just in case ya were wonderin')

I cast on the sleeves while I was on the bus home from the Rainbow Coffee Dock volunteers meeting. The bus driver said, as I was getting off, that he should ask me to knit him a scarf or sweater :)

Ya never know, I could start taking orders yet.


Happy times to ya all folks and may your adventures, yarn or otherwise, go well.

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