Thursday, July 31, 2008

Non - Trad Baby Blanket

Does the colourway put anyone else in mind of carrots? Seriously! Am I the only one who thinks I should make a Bugs Bunny stuffed toy to go with it??
According to the tykes dad the lil nipper has a thing for orange and green at the moment. I wonder whether he also likes the veggie the colour combo reminds me of?
I'm pretty much experimenting with this blanket as I know that it can be pretty off the wall and still be quite acceptable to the tykes folks.
Crochet is a nice change from knitting and a bit more portable. Yesterday found me feeling rather bored in Dunnes while my blond bombshell shopped for new clothes, shoes, accessories [she's a tween :resigned sigh: ], so, have crochet:vanquish boredom!
It must have been an interesting sight to other shoppers. The great thing about living in an Irish city though is that people pretty much keep their thoughts to themselves (which in terms of creativity and networking is a pain but that's a kvetch for a different blog). So, Megs got to shop in peace and I got kept myself occupied and didn't rush her. Family harmony yarn style.


Denise said...

It is a bit peas-and-carrotsy. Or maybe peas and turnips? Hope the young 'un likes it :)

craftyrainbowhead said...

Hi Denise,

It looks a tad different now. Fellow S'n'B goers have liked how it's turning out. It's on hiatus at the mo until after Limerick Pride. So twill be a wee while yet before I find out if kiddo likes it.