Thursday, July 17, 2008

The perfect top

My friend R. doesn't trust me to choose an appropriate style of top to knit up for her.

I think my downfall was when I mentioned lace. Frilly is really not her cup of tea and I think this is the image that the mention of lace details conjured up for her.

It's not like me to give up on an idea though. The August issue of Let's Knit came up with the perfect top for R.

Betty Barnden designed this top called 'Paris'.

It's a pretty simple and straightforward top which should meet with R.'s approval (I hope!).

The stitch used to lovely effect on the lower half of the top is called 'Eifel Stitch' hence the Parisian connection.


So here' s to hoping that R. will smile in anticipation of wearing it.

And no, I'm not going to hope for the best and knit it up anyway. A woman should, after all, be an active participant in her wardrobe selection.

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