Saturday, August 30, 2008

Marian's Crocheted Pride Cuteness

Don't they look great!

Our crafty Maid Marian of has offered to crochet flowers to be sold to raise donations for Rainbow Support Services. You'll find her whipping up her yarny creations outside Leamy House on 13th September between 2pm - 5pm. We'll be taking to the street, weather permitting, (don't want to felt our yarns unintentionally y'know), so you'll find her in the midst of the RSS Stitch'n'Bitch, which will in turn in the midst of the post-parade street party. We can also whip up a few pink triangles for those interested.

If any of you have stash you want to donate for Marian's endeavour please drop same off to Rainbow if you're in the vicinity or send us a bebomail if you're not.

(Hint: Lena's on William Street has bargain yarns on sale for €2 per ball which would do the job stashwise :) )

Friday, August 22, 2008

Bouncing with anticipation

Limerick Pride is only around the corner!


I'm tickled pink that Marian posted about the upcoming shenanigans in her blog. Follow the linkity link folks. Besides being a great sport and stretching the boundaries of her blog for Pride she has lovely inspirational posts about the prettiest of cards, (the one she made me for my birthday is still on my desk. I refuse to move it except for occasional re-arranging), cute crochet and the most organised embroidery I have EVER seen.

I look forward to seeing her market stall all set up and being able to buy her cards and other crafty wares.

Aside from the lovely, crafty Marian's blog I also browse Darragh's blog. One of his posts has inspired me. He posted asking his blogging readers to add a comment saying, as you'll see on his blog, their name, where they blog and what they blog. I wanna do it too!

It's fascinating to see how many folks drop by my blog to meander through my posts. And from so many different places too.

My curiosity wants to be satisfied.

Who are you?

Where do you blog?

What do you blog about?

I'm not as technically adept as Darragh so don't have the same layout he has for his post, but you know what to do.

Go on.

Indulge me.


Sorry for the lack of yarn related anything in this post. I've hit an impasse in the Perfect Top pattern. It says to reverse all shapings. So I did. Or thought I did. But it just didn't work out. This portion of the pattern requires more focus than I've had for the last few days. So my crochet has had more of my attention, which seeing as it's my lesser wrought craft, hasn't made much picture worthy progress. (Nor has my portfolio - my procrastination in that area knows no bounds).

Nite folks.

I look forward to your comments.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Truly amazing

It is truly amazing how a deadline can spur me to action.

It would be truly amazing if this same action were in the field of endeavour pertaining to the deadline. Alas, however, my prodigious knitting is not going to aide my psychometrics portfolio in any way shape or form. It has, however, tremendously helped the shape and form of the Perfect Top on which my procrastination was focused.

I've managed to speed my way through the lower half of the yoke, past the arm shaping and am pretty much at the neckline now. The next row in fact starts the neckline shaping.

Not bad.

Pity my portfolio isn't in such good shape.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Today was a good day.

A rather soggy day but a good day nonetheless.

We had more stitchers than bitchers again today at Rainbow Coffee Dock Stitch'n'Bitch and two more bitchers had a go at being stitchers. Yay!

The Perfect Top - Eifel stitch detail

I've progressed the back of the Perfect Top to the yoke. The colour of the yarn is spot on in the first picture and bleh in the second - I don't know why. (But it's Saturday night and I'm due for a bath before I head out so it can stay bleh). It's knitting up quite well. The yarn is a dream to work with, despite initial casting on and first row frustration. The yarn spread and I found it difficult to count individual stitches and indeed to knit individual stitches. From the second row onwards though, tis a dream.

The Non-Trad Baby Blanket

The non-trad baby blanket is picking up steam and no longer causing images of atomic salad ingredients to dance across my mind. The group like it which is cool and reassures me that the nippers folks may also find it to their liking. I'm using a mixture of single, double and treble crochet, partly for interesting texture and partly to keep myself interested as crochet is really Marian's gig, not mine.

After hours of enjoyable crocheting and stitching I made my merry, if rather soggy way, down to my favourite and oh-so-handy eaterie The Bruschetta Bar.

It's got the essentials down pat. Good food. Smiling staff. Handy location. Smiling staff. Oh did I mention the great staff already? Well, that's cos good staff are important. I've gone in there after hours on the bus to and from Clonmel, browned off from travelling and in not such a great mood and come away relaxed and refreshed with a tummy full of lovely food served by smiling, patient, attentive and friendly staff.

I've gone there on a date with a girlfriend, for an end helpline training course dinner with course mates (where we stayed way too late but were still waited on with patience and friendly smiles), after Coffee Dock duty with fellow volunteers, with a work colleague for lunch, with my daughter in tow for lunch, and all on my ownio more times than I care to count, and never been let down by the food or the service.

Oh and a big plus, aside from gorgeous, smiling waitresses ( :dreamy sigh: ) is that I can bring my knitting there during the quieter times and no-one bats an eyelid. Bliss!!

Bruschetta Bar definitely gets my vote.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Perfect Top commences

Isn't this just a delicious shade of blue?

For some reason the colour brings the word free to my mind. Free open blue skies being the visual. Anyhow, tis appropriate, as that's probably how the person for whom this top is intended is feeling nowadays. She's certainly excited. Let's just say she's feeling like a new woman. :)

I cast on the back of the top yesterday in Rainbow Coffee Dock. Marian was bemused at how many times I cast on, frogged and began again. The top calls for the thumb (aka long tail) cast on method to be used. It's not my favourite method as I end up with either too little of a yarn tail to cast up the required amount of stitches or far too much of a left over yarn tail. Harumph.

Anyhow, I eventually got the required number of stitches cast on. Even counting them was a chore as this yarn has a tendency to spread along the needle. Double harrumph! The first row was a chore as the spreading yarn made seeing individual stitches a challenge. The second row was a far easier proposition. I got the first five rows done before I swapped WIP's.

I opted for the second time around of Beth's sweater. This one is for one of my blonde bombshell's dolls. As I've only just completed one I'm finding that I can fly through this with the minimum of concentration or consternation. Lack of consternation is always good!! I cast off the second sleeve while watching Ghost Whisperer. It's lovely to have a small project on the go to give a sense of completion while working a larger, or more fiddly, project.

I've got a few works in progress going at the moment. My bag was the one overflowing this weekend!

Froodie was busy crocheting a scarf which turned out very well and was admired by all of us.

(Psst! Froodie, if you're stuck about who to gift it to, feel free to add my name to the list! :) )

Marian was working on her bumbl........I mean baby blanket!

Heh heh.....well when I came in (dripping from my rain soaked dash from the bus) my first thought was that her project was bumble bee related in some manner. The blue is a dark blue which, thanks to the figaries of light and colour interaction, looks black when placed beside the yellow of the project. The yellow is a lovely crisp yellow and gives lovely stitch definition, at least from my perspective. It also helps that Marian makes such lovely crisp crochet stitches. :) Methinks the finished project shall be the inspiration behind many future conversations (debates even) while it keeps it's recipient snug 'n' cosy.

It's one of those projects that gonna have a story attached by the time it's given. Kinda like my non-trad baby blanket and the trials and tribulations it's been through thus far. However, that requires a fresh picture and thus shall be the subject of a post for another day.

Bye for now folks and I hope you've all had a lovely weekend.

Scarf for a Bear Cub

The bear cub likes his scarf.

He really does and he's gonna wear it when the weather isn't quite so warm and muggy.


He likes it.



Calming down now. :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

On holiday

I've slept in and stayed up late and chatted with a friend I don't get to see half often enough.

I've cuddled with my daughter with no need to be anywhere else and no desire to be anywhere else.

My current knitting WIP is for Megs. She admired Beth's sweater so much that she now desires one for her doll. Started it yesterday and I already have the back knit up and cast off and am now working on the front.

This evening Megs friend Shauna came over for a sleepover. She used to live across the road from us and moved a few weeks ago. How Meg's face lit up. It was like a bulb lit up that's been extinguished since the child moved. The two have spent their time together full of giggles, banter, squeals of delight and squeals of annoyance at Solo for bouncing on them in the car.

They're still giggling and it's 1.12am.

I'm thinking Tsk! on the one hand because I have to be somewhere for 10.30 in the morning.

However, I'm thinking Fabulous! on the other hand because it delights me to hear Megs being a giddy, giggly 10 year old (I don't refer to seeing her as her bedroom has become their base of operations with brief forays for essentials like my bathroom mirror for the accurate application of make up).

I sat knitting, while watching my favourite shows, with the sound of my daughter's merriment serving as background noise.


:cue contented sigh:

Monday, August 4, 2008

Non-Trad Baby Blanket - Take 2

I've raided my stash for the orange and green colourways of the bonus flash dk yarn to use in this incarnation of the non-trad baby blanket. They seem to be working well together and I no longer have visions of carrots dancing through my mind as I crochet. A major improvement! Plus, I find I prefer working across the row rather than in the round for some reason. I think it has to do with being able to get into a rythm with it. I truly am a knitter at heart.

I took inspiration from Debbie Stoller's crochet bible with regard to size.

More specifically, the baby blanket on page 281 Bev Ireland's Seija Set. The set is a baby hat and blanket. I started with the same chain length. Mine of course won't look anything like the project but I tip my hat for the help with sizing.

I really must start choosing more projects to make out of my now extensive and ever growing collection of yarn mags and the Debbie Stoller books. Maz at mademarian has been a fine examplein making the most of the Stoller books in forward planning project wise.

Methinks I need to invest more time in using the queue feature in Ravelry.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Non-Trad Baby Blanket

The non-trad blanket has gone the way of the frog and been ripped.

Gazing at a colour combo that screamed atomic carrot was not conducive to crafty progress.

If I could have I'd have chucked it in a blender with some apple and made a health drink.

So back to the drawing board and the yarn store.

Yesterday's Stitch'n'Bitch in Rainbow Coffee Dock was a gathering of nifty, chatty craftiness.

I was well happy to see Maz and Froodie there with their crochet projects and Froodies overflowing bag of diverse yarns. Truly it did overfloweth with colour and fiberly goodness. Her Regia sock yarn did elicit coos from Maz & I. Methinks I shall have to add some to my own stash.

For a lovely change we had more stitchers than bitchers. Yay! The coffee dock in general was a buzz with more chatter and new faces than usual. Twas great and hopefully will continue. We love to see new faces pop by for a coffee and a natter.

Our own knitting chubby bear fatandfortysomething was in attendence with his latest project yesterday. He's delved into the world of knitted toys and is busily crafting a neon coloured soft toy. It's amazing how neon pink yarn can truly light up a room :)

He happily shared his stash of green and orange yarn with me so I could compare and contrast it with the yarn I've been attempting to make the non-trad baby blanket with. We came to the conclusion that my rather shocking orange yarn could be mixed successfully with his neon celery green yarn to good effect. Twas agreed by several that a mixture of different oranges and greens would take away from the carrotty vibe of my current yarn pairing.

Now all I need is cucumber and lettuce green along with a tomato red and the lil nipper will be swaddled in a veritable salad blanket. I wonder how his folks will feel about my vegetable inspired yarn crafted gift? Hmmmm.

I've added a new blog to the list of blogs I browse through. Brooklyntweed's designs take my breath away and make me all excited about men's knitwear. I found him through the fabulousness that is Ravelry. Thank you Ravelry! Jared is the indivdual behind Brooklyntweed and deserves kudos for yummy photos of delicious knits.

I really do wish off the rack men's wear in Ireland would take note of the fact that there are men who do enjoy colour (really!) and stock their shelves accordingly. As a drag king there are times when I despair of being able to find interesting clothes for my alter ego to wear. Then I wonder how it feels for genetic Irish men to be limited in their ready-made clothing choices by buyers who assume a monochromatic aesthetic is the only way to go.

Do have a look at Brooklyntweed's scrumptious knitwear.

(Have a towel nearby as you truly will drool over them).

(Okay, having read over this post methinks my brekkie is overdue so I'm off for food. Bye a while).

Friday, August 1, 2008

Beth's Sweater Progress: Finished!!




I must say while I really enjoy the process of knitting up a garment I really, sincerely do not enjoy sewing it together. My confidence in my manual dexterity does not extend to flawless seams. My pernickity nature means that I do indeed want those seams to be flawless. Alas, I pretty much manage to just vex myself trying to achieve the standard I desire.

This has meant much resewing of seams, or in the case of more delicate yarns, a hesitation to kaibosh the finished article that has resulted in the article not actually being sewn together until I know I can dedicate my time and attention to it.


Can ya spot the blooper? Can ya?

As Aries knitters on Ravelry will know, finishing projects and calm, dedicated attention to detail do not tend to be the hallmarks of us hotheaded rams and ramettes.

Anyhow, I'm not going to dwell on where I perceive I went wrong and instead will pat myself on the back for getting the sweater finished before the intended recipient graduates from college.

The locus of my bugbear