Friday, August 1, 2008

Beth's Sweater Progress: Finished!!




I must say while I really enjoy the process of knitting up a garment I really, sincerely do not enjoy sewing it together. My confidence in my manual dexterity does not extend to flawless seams. My pernickity nature means that I do indeed want those seams to be flawless. Alas, I pretty much manage to just vex myself trying to achieve the standard I desire.

This has meant much resewing of seams, or in the case of more delicate yarns, a hesitation to kaibosh the finished article that has resulted in the article not actually being sewn together until I know I can dedicate my time and attention to it.


Can ya spot the blooper? Can ya?

As Aries knitters on Ravelry will know, finishing projects and calm, dedicated attention to detail do not tend to be the hallmarks of us hotheaded rams and ramettes.

Anyhow, I'm not going to dwell on where I perceive I went wrong and instead will pat myself on the back for getting the sweater finished before the intended recipient graduates from college.

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