Friday, August 22, 2008

Bouncing with anticipation

Limerick Pride is only around the corner!


I'm tickled pink that Marian posted about the upcoming shenanigans in her blog. Follow the linkity link folks. Besides being a great sport and stretching the boundaries of her blog for Pride she has lovely inspirational posts about the prettiest of cards, (the one she made me for my birthday is still on my desk. I refuse to move it except for occasional re-arranging), cute crochet and the most organised embroidery I have EVER seen.

I look forward to seeing her market stall all set up and being able to buy her cards and other crafty wares.

Aside from the lovely, crafty Marian's blog I also browse Darragh's blog. One of his posts has inspired me. He posted asking his blogging readers to add a comment saying, as you'll see on his blog, their name, where they blog and what they blog. I wanna do it too!

It's fascinating to see how many folks drop by my blog to meander through my posts. And from so many different places too.

My curiosity wants to be satisfied.

Who are you?

Where do you blog?

What do you blog about?

I'm not as technically adept as Darragh so don't have the same layout he has for his post, but you know what to do.

Go on.

Indulge me.


Sorry for the lack of yarn related anything in this post. I've hit an impasse in the Perfect Top pattern. It says to reverse all shapings. So I did. Or thought I did. But it just didn't work out. This portion of the pattern requires more focus than I've had for the last few days. So my crochet has had more of my attention, which seeing as it's my lesser wrought craft, hasn't made much picture worthy progress. (Nor has my portfolio - my procrastination in that area knows no bounds).

Nite folks.

I look forward to your comments.


lette said...

Hi lou, I came here through made marians bloggie :) Im looking forward to the pride parade too, I go and take photos of it ever year even though im not involved with rainbow, I do find the parade to be wonderful and friendly:)

in answer to ur questions: I am Lette :) hi!

I blog here: and I photos here:
and also here:

...and soon to be here:

LOL wow!

On my personal blog I rant about whatever is bothering, inspiring, humouring me at that time :)

If you dont mind ill linkie ur bloggie to my own, wonderful place you have here :)

donna m said...

HI i came through Darragh's blog when I noticed that you have a profile on ravelry.. so do i :) I just havent done anything with it yet!

i blog here: for my charity project (knitting).

craftyrainbowhead said...

Thank you Lette. You're a busy bee. I'd love to be linked :) I'm doing likewise.

Thank you Donna M. Ravelry is such fun. I love the inspiring pictures that people post of their FO's.