Saturday, August 30, 2008

Marian's Crocheted Pride Cuteness

Don't they look great!

Our crafty Maid Marian of has offered to crochet flowers to be sold to raise donations for Rainbow Support Services. You'll find her whipping up her yarny creations outside Leamy House on 13th September between 2pm - 5pm. We'll be taking to the street, weather permitting, (don't want to felt our yarns unintentionally y'know), so you'll find her in the midst of the RSS Stitch'n'Bitch, which will in turn in the midst of the post-parade street party. We can also whip up a few pink triangles for those interested.

If any of you have stash you want to donate for Marian's endeavour please drop same off to Rainbow if you're in the vicinity or send us a bebomail if you're not.

(Hint: Lena's on William Street has bargain yarns on sale for €2 per ball which would do the job stashwise :) )


Jane said...

hope your sales go well :) how can i donate?

craftyrainbowhead said...

Hi Jane,

Thanks for the positive wishes :)

Both Rainbow and Red Ribbon will have donation boxes in their respective projects and you can donate whatever you can. Rainbow is on Hartstonge Street in Leamy House and Red Ribbon is on Cecil Street.

There are badges for €1 and the flowers will be on sale in the Rainbow Coffee Dock every afternoon from Monday onwards.

Marian will be in attendance at the S'n'B next Saturday 13th after the Pride March with her multi-coloured stash. You can buy a ready made flower or commission a specific colour or donate stash on the day.

Having a beverage in the coffee dock also contributes to the running costs of Rainbow Support Services.

I hope the above helps.