Sunday, August 3, 2008

Non-Trad Baby Blanket

The non-trad blanket has gone the way of the frog and been ripped.

Gazing at a colour combo that screamed atomic carrot was not conducive to crafty progress.

If I could have I'd have chucked it in a blender with some apple and made a health drink.

So back to the drawing board and the yarn store.

Yesterday's Stitch'n'Bitch in Rainbow Coffee Dock was a gathering of nifty, chatty craftiness.

I was well happy to see Maz and Froodie there with their crochet projects and Froodies overflowing bag of diverse yarns. Truly it did overfloweth with colour and fiberly goodness. Her Regia sock yarn did elicit coos from Maz & I. Methinks I shall have to add some to my own stash.

For a lovely change we had more stitchers than bitchers. Yay! The coffee dock in general was a buzz with more chatter and new faces than usual. Twas great and hopefully will continue. We love to see new faces pop by for a coffee and a natter.

Our own knitting chubby bear fatandfortysomething was in attendence with his latest project yesterday. He's delved into the world of knitted toys and is busily crafting a neon coloured soft toy. It's amazing how neon pink yarn can truly light up a room :)

He happily shared his stash of green and orange yarn with me so I could compare and contrast it with the yarn I've been attempting to make the non-trad baby blanket with. We came to the conclusion that my rather shocking orange yarn could be mixed successfully with his neon celery green yarn to good effect. Twas agreed by several that a mixture of different oranges and greens would take away from the carrotty vibe of my current yarn pairing.

Now all I need is cucumber and lettuce green along with a tomato red and the lil nipper will be swaddled in a veritable salad blanket. I wonder how his folks will feel about my vegetable inspired yarn crafted gift? Hmmmm.

I've added a new blog to the list of blogs I browse through. Brooklyntweed's designs take my breath away and make me all excited about men's knitwear. I found him through the fabulousness that is Ravelry. Thank you Ravelry! Jared is the indivdual behind Brooklyntweed and deserves kudos for yummy photos of delicious knits.

I really do wish off the rack men's wear in Ireland would take note of the fact that there are men who do enjoy colour (really!) and stock their shelves accordingly. As a drag king there are times when I despair of being able to find interesting clothes for my alter ego to wear. Then I wonder how it feels for genetic Irish men to be limited in their ready-made clothing choices by buyers who assume a monochromatic aesthetic is the only way to go.

Do have a look at Brooklyntweed's scrumptious knitwear.

(Have a towel nearby as you truly will drool over them).

(Okay, having read over this post methinks my brekkie is overdue so I'm off for food. Bye a while).

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