Thursday, August 7, 2008

On holiday

I've slept in and stayed up late and chatted with a friend I don't get to see half often enough.

I've cuddled with my daughter with no need to be anywhere else and no desire to be anywhere else.

My current knitting WIP is for Megs. She admired Beth's sweater so much that she now desires one for her doll. Started it yesterday and I already have the back knit up and cast off and am now working on the front.

This evening Megs friend Shauna came over for a sleepover. She used to live across the road from us and moved a few weeks ago. How Meg's face lit up. It was like a bulb lit up that's been extinguished since the child moved. The two have spent their time together full of giggles, banter, squeals of delight and squeals of annoyance at Solo for bouncing on them in the car.

They're still giggling and it's 1.12am.

I'm thinking Tsk! on the one hand because I have to be somewhere for 10.30 in the morning.

However, I'm thinking Fabulous! on the other hand because it delights me to hear Megs being a giddy, giggly 10 year old (I don't refer to seeing her as her bedroom has become their base of operations with brief forays for essentials like my bathroom mirror for the accurate application of make up).

I sat knitting, while watching my favourite shows, with the sound of my daughter's merriment serving as background noise.


:cue contented sigh:

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