Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Perfect Top commences

Isn't this just a delicious shade of blue?

For some reason the colour brings the word free to my mind. Free open blue skies being the visual. Anyhow, tis appropriate, as that's probably how the person for whom this top is intended is feeling nowadays. She's certainly excited. Let's just say she's feeling like a new woman. :)

I cast on the back of the top yesterday in Rainbow Coffee Dock. Marian was bemused at how many times I cast on, frogged and began again. The top calls for the thumb (aka long tail) cast on method to be used. It's not my favourite method as I end up with either too little of a yarn tail to cast up the required amount of stitches or far too much of a left over yarn tail. Harumph.

Anyhow, I eventually got the required number of stitches cast on. Even counting them was a chore as this yarn has a tendency to spread along the needle. Double harrumph! The first row was a chore as the spreading yarn made seeing individual stitches a challenge. The second row was a far easier proposition. I got the first five rows done before I swapped WIP's.

I opted for the second time around of Beth's sweater. This one is for one of my blonde bombshell's dolls. As I've only just completed one I'm finding that I can fly through this with the minimum of concentration or consternation. Lack of consternation is always good!! I cast off the second sleeve while watching Ghost Whisperer. It's lovely to have a small project on the go to give a sense of completion while working a larger, or more fiddly, project.

I've got a few works in progress going at the moment. My bag was the one overflowing this weekend!

Froodie was busy crocheting a scarf which turned out very well and was admired by all of us.

(Psst! Froodie, if you're stuck about who to gift it to, feel free to add my name to the list! :) )

Marian was working on her bumbl........I mean baby blanket!

Heh heh.....well when I came in (dripping from my rain soaked dash from the bus) my first thought was that her project was bumble bee related in some manner. The blue is a dark blue which, thanks to the figaries of light and colour interaction, looks black when placed beside the yellow of the project. The yellow is a lovely crisp yellow and gives lovely stitch definition, at least from my perspective. It also helps that Marian makes such lovely crisp crochet stitches. :) Methinks the finished project shall be the inspiration behind many future conversations (debates even) while it keeps it's recipient snug 'n' cosy.

It's one of those projects that gonna have a story attached by the time it's given. Kinda like my non-trad baby blanket and the trials and tribulations it's been through thus far. However, that requires a fresh picture and thus shall be the subject of a post for another day.

Bye for now folks and I hope you've all had a lovely weekend.

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