Saturday, August 16, 2008

Today was a good day.

A rather soggy day but a good day nonetheless.

We had more stitchers than bitchers again today at Rainbow Coffee Dock Stitch'n'Bitch and two more bitchers had a go at being stitchers. Yay!

The Perfect Top - Eifel stitch detail

I've progressed the back of the Perfect Top to the yoke. The colour of the yarn is spot on in the first picture and bleh in the second - I don't know why. (But it's Saturday night and I'm due for a bath before I head out so it can stay bleh). It's knitting up quite well. The yarn is a dream to work with, despite initial casting on and first row frustration. The yarn spread and I found it difficult to count individual stitches and indeed to knit individual stitches. From the second row onwards though, tis a dream.

The Non-Trad Baby Blanket

The non-trad baby blanket is picking up steam and no longer causing images of atomic salad ingredients to dance across my mind. The group like it which is cool and reassures me that the nippers folks may also find it to their liking. I'm using a mixture of single, double and treble crochet, partly for interesting texture and partly to keep myself interested as crochet is really Marian's gig, not mine.

After hours of enjoyable crocheting and stitching I made my merry, if rather soggy way, down to my favourite and oh-so-handy eaterie The Bruschetta Bar.

It's got the essentials down pat. Good food. Smiling staff. Handy location. Smiling staff. Oh did I mention the great staff already? Well, that's cos good staff are important. I've gone in there after hours on the bus to and from Clonmel, browned off from travelling and in not such a great mood and come away relaxed and refreshed with a tummy full of lovely food served by smiling, patient, attentive and friendly staff.

I've gone there on a date with a girlfriend, for an end helpline training course dinner with course mates (where we stayed way too late but were still waited on with patience and friendly smiles), after Coffee Dock duty with fellow volunteers, with a work colleague for lunch, with my daughter in tow for lunch, and all on my ownio more times than I care to count, and never been let down by the food or the service.

Oh and a big plus, aside from gorgeous, smiling waitresses ( :dreamy sigh: ) is that I can bring my knitting there during the quieter times and no-one bats an eyelid. Bliss!!

Bruschetta Bar definitely gets my vote.


Joe said...

oi! you calling me a bitch? Thanks for the cast off and that Eifel stitch is still amazing

craftyrainbowhead said...

Thank you Joe. Eifel is a cool stitch & pretty quick to master.

You're welcome for the cast on help. You got a great amount done in a short time for someone who's not knit since primary school. Kudos to ya dude.