Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Art Auction & Garden Party

The ambiance was enhanceed by a pretty harpist

Megs & Conor make final adjustments to the buffet

It didn't rain!!!!

That was the absolute highlight. The artworks stayed dry and the guests didn't get soggy.


My day started at 10 (ish) helping Conor prepare food in the kitchen of the Hunt Museum. He nicely straightforward at delegating tasks and, apart from nigh on slicing my finger instead of the tomato, it was a pleasure to be his kitchen porter for the morning. Megs ably tended to washing lettuce, bashing biscuits and whatever else Conor could give her to do that didn't involve sharp or dangerous kitchen objects. She did plenty of fetching and carrying of platters and took some lovely photos.
Conor's colourful spread

After the buffet was ready I was free to let my alter ego Chase loose. It really is several kinds of fun getting oneself dragged up in a ladies toilet. :snigger: I'm oh so glad that I'm oh so not shy. Anyhow, Chase had great fun as the lovely Nigel and glamour Philip made a marvellously comic duo as usual.
Philip & Richard
Madonna Lucia was gracious enough to model the shawl I knit while Nigel gave it a most wonderful description. The lovely Ms. Hills was kind enough to model it for me.
The lovely Tina Hills models her newly acquired shawl

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