Saturday, September 6, 2008

Limerick Pride 2008 - How you can help

The Rainbow Support Services Logo

Jane's comment inspired this post. Thanks Jane.

Marian is helping by crafting her gorgeous flowers.

I'm helping by being a gopher, auction spotter, kitchen prep helper, coffee dock volunteer, photographer, blogging copiously about Pride......(I don't think I've left anything out.....).

The Art Auction & Garden Party has become a reality thanks to
- Vanessa and Janet adding to their already multi-faceted workloads by tackling it's organisation
- Conor utilising his experience as chef to handle the meal
- All the artists who have donated their work
- All the interested others who have donated artworks they own
- The volunteers who have given their time in the run up and will give their time on the day

(L-R) Nigel the auctioneer & Philip the drag queen
Annual stalwarts of the RSS Art Auction & Garden Party

Limerick Pride overall has been helped by:

- The Pride Committee
- The press who have turned up to press launchs and actually printed information on Limerick Pride and Rainbow Support Services.
- The photographers who took copious pictures for the above.
- The entertainers who have come together to create the Limerick Pride Line up
- The regulars in Rainbow Coffee Dock
- The regulars at Rainbow's S'n'B
- Everyone who took a Pride info leaflet and read it
- Everyone who took posters/flyers/brochures to put up in their businesses
- Everyone who has referred to Limerick Pride in their blogs
- Everyone who links to
- Beboers who link with Lime Rick's page, the Rainbow Coffee Dock page & other RSS and Pride related pages
- The Red Ribbon Project who share resources
- The MYLGB youth group members & their friends who pounded the pavement to hand out flyers, hang up posters and answer questions for interested folks
- The folks who dropped into the Rainbow office and found themselves folding invitations, stuffing envelopes and fetching and carrying
- The adorable drag queens Sheila Fits-Patrick (Mike), Madonna Lucia (Evan) and Sharon Arseburn (Shane) who are pitching in any and every way they possibly can. From brightening up the room to hosting competitions, rallying support, advertising, donating art, modelling wearable art, coming to the Rainbow Coffee Dock for tea, talking to everyone they possibly can about Pride and Rainbow.
- Richard Lynch for asking umpteen people "What are you doing for Limerick Pride?"
- There are too many people to name here but everyone's contribution is important.

Leamy House, Hartstonge Street, Limerick City

How you can still help:

- Check out to see the events lined up for the next 7 days and see which ones you can make
- Forward the website to everyone you know. Only the recipients of the information can decide whether it will be useful for them.
- Drop into Rainbow House and into the offices to donate your time, cash, or stash between 10a.m. and 1p.m..
- Drop into Rainbow Coffee Dock, Leamy House, Hartstonge Street during next week from 2pm - 9p.m. to have a coffee (drip/instant) (caff/decaff) or tea (regular/herbal). Come up the steps or the ramp to the main door and it's the door on your left. Just come right on in. Crafts and kids more than welcome. You don't have to identify as a crafter or as gay to come in and have a brew and a natter.
- Drop into Rainbow Coffee Dock and buy an I Love Limerick badge for €1 and/or a crocheted flower for €2
- Drop into Red Ribbon Project and buy an I Love Limerick badge for €1
- Drop some cash into the donation boxes that are set up in both Rainbow Support Services and Red Ribbon Project.
- Drop some cash into the donation box in Imasa on O'Connoll Street
- Go to the Hunt Museum and buy a ticket for the Art Auction tomorrow and enjoy a different type of Sunday - you may come home with some artwork or even with the knitted shawl I have donated.
- Buy tickets for any other events listed on the I Love Limerick website calendar.
- Volunteer your time for any of the events
- Show up to the Pride Parade on Saturday 13th. Stand on the sidewalk and clap and cheer. Join in with us and march if you can.
- Drop by Leamy House for the post-Pride Parade outdoor Stitch'n'Bitch and buy one of Marian's flowers and/or sit and knit or crochet or just chat with us - you don't have to identify as anything other than a crafter or a stitcher or a bitcher :)
- Drop by Leamy House for the post-Pride Parade street party and listen to the rock band who are playing for us for free
- Drop by Leamy House for the post-Pride Parade BBQ - yum!
- Go with your friend who's itching to attend but too nervous to go on their own
- Let all and sundry know how positive you are towards Limerick Pride not only this week but every week of the year

Rainbow Coffee Dock, Leamy House, Hartstonge Street, Limerick
(before the couches were donated)

I have heard a lot of people over the years say

'I'm just one person, I won't make a difference'


'I'm just.....a volunteer.....a friend......a parent'


'I'm not gay why would I be involved/welcome?'


Senator David Norris is 'Just one person'.......he kept making a fuss until homosexuality was decriminalised in Ireland not too long ago.

Just one person can make a LOT of difference in terms of influence, time, effort, energy, enthusiasm and stubborn willpower.

Just one person can mean the difference between isolation and company.

Just one person saying postive things in general about Limerick Pride, Equality and Rainbow Support Services can make the environment they are in a safer, friendlier place for queer youth and for closeted older individuals. It's the ripple effect and it doesn't matter how you identify, the postive results are the same.

We are all 'just one person' and without any one of us the world would be less, our city would be less, our Pride would be less.

Every volunteer in Rainbow from the founder members of the project onwards has been 'just one person'. If any of them hadn't been involved we wouldn't have the vibrant project that exists today.

Marian is 'just one person'. Without her, we wouldn't have her lovely crocheted flowers.

Just one person can provide shelter for teens thrown out of home for being gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans.

Just one person can be the parent who educates themselves around how to support their children by contacting Rainbow Support Services about the MYLGB youth group.

Just one person can be the neighbour who says a friendly hello to the new gay/lesbian neightbours who just moved in.

Just one person can realise that even though they themselves don't identify as lesbian, gay, bi or trans that they will know, work, study or be related to people who do.

Just one person can realise that just as with all invisible minority groups just because a person doesn't 'look' lesbian, gay, bi or trans or doesn't talk about it doesn't take from the reality of who they are. We all know people from invisible minorities - we just might not realise it when they don't conform to our notions of what they 'should' look like.

Just one person can realise that a person can be gay and a parent, lesbian and a carer, bi and deaf, trans and able-bodied. We come in all shapes and sizes and are more than the sum of our sexualities.

Just one person can contact Rainbow Support Services to find out how to become a Coffee Dock volunteer, Help line volunteer, art work contributor, stock GCN, distribute flyers, make their workplace a homophobia free zone, make their school a homophobia free zone, put up posters about what Rainbow Support Services is and where to find it and how to make contact.

Read through my other posts related to Rainbow & Pride and go to my other page Limerick Drag Kings for more information.

Above all....





Lette said...

well done to everyone involved I cant wait for the art auctions and the saturday parade and party!! WOOOOO GO EVERYONE!!! Oh and I added u as a contact on flickr :) we know selene, COOL! :)

craftyrainbowhead said...

Tis indeed a small world and an even smaller city. :)

I met Celene again when she dropped her copy of 'Like Father Like Son' into Rainbow for tonight's (Wednesday 10th Sept) movie night.

Thanks for the add. The art auction was on Sunday. Did you get to it?