Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another Square Down.....or three...

Eyelet Striped Square - Issue 75

Chevron Rib Lace Pattern - Issue 92

Basketweave Square - Issue No. 89

And seemingly zillions to go.......

I've done at least one square which will ultimately be part of the second throw in the series. I'm currently keeping the most recent squares in the respective issues in binder. Obviously, over time this is going to have to be revised, but, for the moment, twill do the job.

Another thing that'll need tackling is getting the oodles of issues which I've managed to miss. I am hoping that they can still be back ordered. :fingers crossed:

I've found that the Eyelet Striped Square and the Chevron Rib Lace Pattern took more attention than I'm used to giving my knitting. This gave no small amount of amusement to onlooking friends and some folks trying to talk to me found that I was talking (mildly cursing) to my knitting! Heh heh. I've been forgiven I think.

I think people get the idea that I'm patient from the fact that most of my knitting projects involve vast swatches of repetitive pattern which I find both lulling and easy to speed through. It also doesn't diminish my ability to listen and my yarn remains innocent of certain choice adjectives. Methinks tis high time, now that I have a comfy, cosy space to knit in peace at home, that I need to have some home-based projects which require more focused attention from me to complement those more portable projects that I mainly favour.

I'm too tired at the moment to vent my full ire on the topic of not finding a pattern straightforward slipover vest for men. Believe me though, there is ire. I think it is going to be the motivator for finally utilising Debbie Abraham's "Design Your Own Knits" book. There's a slipover design lesson in it, but it requires the foundation of the predating pages in order to be doable. I think designing my simple vest top will be my focus required project and I'll find something else for my portable knitting fix.

...oh....and then there are the handful of Unfinished Projects that I've yet to get around to.

Um...I may well be focused on finishing for the next wee while it would seem.

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