Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm doing my best


As per a previous post I'm trying to get a handle on my yet to be finished and oh so patiently waiting projects-in-progress.

One of these is is pictured above. It's at the stage where I can now mirror how the original was shot for the magazine. Scroll on back along the posts and you can find the picture if you are so inclined. Anyhow.....my stumbling block is my perfectionism, a topic I've touched on before. It should really be plain sailing at this point. Simply sew the thing up. However, I can't get the seams to look neat. I may well bring it into the Singer Sewing Store and see if the lovely Triona could sew it up for me. Yes, I may well do that. My best, in this case, isn't good enough for my liking. Especially as it's a gift for a friend.

Close up of the side seam
(Which...erm...doesn't appear so bad in this shot)

My current project

This is made from Hayfield Bonus DK Extra Value 100g which is both machine washable and tumble dryable. Eminently practical. It's from a range of yarn I've used before, but this lot seems softer somehow and seems to have a denser quality to the fabric. And before you ask, um, no, I've not done a tension square. Yes, I know, bold crafter. It seems okay though and I'm willing to trust it to the fates (at least for this item which is something that I can measure against myself and other garments that fit me well).

Without flash
With Flash
(This shot is more representative of actual garment colour)

Have I mentioned before that I wanted to be a National Geographic photographer?


Well, I did.

The photos on this blog are, for the most part, snaps.

I will endeavour to raise the forethought put into my posts but for now, twill do.

Happy crafting folks.

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