Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's not often I admit this......

...but I GIVE UP!

I've sewn and resewn the seams on the Paris top and to no avail. I'm just not happy with my best. It's just not good enough. So.......

I give up.
Paris Stitch Yarn
This has knit up into an adorably soft fabric

So, come Monday I am going to drop by the Singer Sewing Store and (beg) ask Triona if she could pretty please sew up the garment. I'll not be surprised if she does in 5 minutes what has completely taxed my ability.

Isn't the sheer diversity of human ability just fantastic?


Anyhow, today saw the first meeting of Rainbow S'n'B since the move to the attic.

My goodness but it was toasty up there! It was really lovely to be greeted by a waft of warm air after coming in from a frosty day. There were only two of us today but we had a lot to catch up on as we hadn't been in the same space together for too long. The lovely Marian is being good to her pledge to give handmade gifts this Christmas and brought a knitted eyelash scarf to work on today. I brought my no-brainer slipover vest to work on. It's one of those knits you can have an indepth conversation over and still not go astray (which is another way of saying it's about as riveting as watching paint dry on a wet day).

Of course, I also brought not only my own blond bombshell daughter but also her friend Shauna who is my honourary daughter for the weekend. They were good albeit raucous company. Let's just say it wasn't a sedate S'n'B. Topics for conversation ranged from my, by now well documented, inability to sew a seam to Miley Cyrus's career. Divergent conversations indeed. Oh the joys! Heh heh

One of the topics of conversations was Marian's photo shoot this morning (she didn't tell me it was a secret so :shrugs: ). The photographer was Press 22's lovely and talented Emma Jervis whom I have mentioned previously in my Limerick Drag Kings blog. she is responsible for this lovely photo of Evan Kennedy's piece "Red Queen" which also features my own blond bombshell.

Of course, I only know this because Marian spotted a picture of the same talented lady giving my young show off a cuddle. Small ole world heh?

Where was I?.........Oh yes....Marian's photo shoot and the reason for same.

She's gonna be in the paper!


Watch out for an article on the recession (I know, oh such a joyful topic) which focuses on the effects it is having on how people plan for Christmas this year.

Now if only I could remember which paper it'll be in........hmmmm.

(I WAS listening......honest!).

I had said in a previous post that my current easy (in this post, referred to as riveting as watching paint dry) knit has left me with a hankering to tackle my other works in progress and to bring them to completion.

These include the following:

Alternative Baby Blanket

My only excuse is that crochet is not my main craft and sometimes it can take me a while to sit and concentrate on crochet. Marian and I are pretty much polar opposites in this regard. crochet is her baby and knitting takes effort. Methinks I shall have to bring the blanket as my S'n'B project and together Marian and I can support each other through working on our less intuitive craft. Heh heh.

Meg's top

I won't lie, it's not remotely in progress at the moment. I'll need to sit down with this and use my noodle to figure out where I went wrong. At least, I think I went wrong somewhere with it........Hmmm. At any rate, the increases confused the heck out of my Aries noodle. That's the drawback of being a public knitter becoming vexed on the bus doesn't leave one with many options. Plus, commuter knitting is best when it's straightforward. So, when I hit a snag, I tend to favour bringing a niggle free knit with me next time.....and the next time........and the next time. So the poor project, including this one, gets left in the 'I'll tend to you later pile'. Of course, as we all know only too well, in craft as in life, later can sometimes be a LONG time in coming. It's a pity too, as this is a lovely yarn and has created a gorgeous fabric. Poor Megs has had a LONG wait for her top.

Scarf In Progress

The above scarf will once more be progressing, rather than languishing, once I can get my yarn coveting hands on another ball of the requisite yarn. Alas, the last time I was in Lena's they still didn't have any more of it in and the young lady was rather vague about when they will actually have any more in.

:le sigh:

I've not given up on these projects. They will get done.


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