Sunday, November 23, 2008

My knitting fans

Binks on the left and Princess on the right.

All tuckered out after a morning of exploring, wrestling, toy playing, falling off the couch, falling into their water bowl, climbing up my pants legs and introducing themselves to my yarn.

Binks enjoying my work in progress

Binks seeing things from my perspective

Princess, rather mesmerised by what I get up to with yarn and a darning needle

Binks is my lil fella and Princess is my blonde bombshells little ball of diva fur. Don't be deceived by the apparent serenity of this moggy in the above photo. She barely let her brother chow down from the same bowl and is well able to give him what for.

She and her owner met for the first time this evening. I've had time to get used to them since yesterday. Poor Megs and Princess have already ticked each other off and Megs bears the scratches to prove it. ]

Od dear.

As I type this Binks is exploring my desk and decided that a line of 5's blon63g.
Ahem...let's try that again now Binks is on my shoulder and off my keyboard.

Heh heh.

Right, now that the kits have been introduced I'm off to comfort my poor deflated daughter.

My next post will have less feline and more yarn.



Marian said...

Cuuuute, how are they getting on with Solo?? Might actually make SnB this Saturday after my ridiculously long absence. You guys still there from 2pm?

craftyrainbowhead said...

Well, since they've never actually been in the same room with him I don't know. To them, he's merely the source of loud noise. He's seen them and barked madly and if he could have made his way through the closed french doors he would have!

I may wait til they're big enough for their claws to show him who the bosses are :)

Everythings all change at Rainbow. We'll be there at 2pm, but you'll need to trek upstairs to the attic from now on.

I've yet to see the space myself so I'm well curious. I've been fairly absent from S'n'B myself.