Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Productive insomnia

While I'm not quite suffering from insomnia I am still dealing the with effects wrought on my sleeping pattterns by quite a long lie-in on Sunday. I blame it on new bed. Sooo comfy in comparision to prior sleeping arrangement. Seldom have the terms Medium Orthopaedic Mattress ever cultivated such a deep state of relaxation in a person of my age. Bliss.


Except for now being wide awake past my usual hitting the hay time......I'm putting this wide awake state to good use by watching The Mighty Boosh....well, more accurately by knitting up the squares for the Art of Knitting throw, while Boosh plays in the background. The two activities mesh quite well as it happens.

Issue No. 68

Woven Pattern Square worked in Indigo yarn which gives a basketweave effect

While I do enjoy being productive, I'd much rather that it was alertly at work, rather than alertly at home knitting.

...well until alertly knitting can be transposed to my own yarn store that is :)

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