Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Progress :)

Man's Vee Neck Tank

Woohoo! I finally found a guys vest top that I like. It's the one pictured above and is one of a bunch of straight forward designs to be found in sirdar's "Simple Easy Knits" book.

Sirdar - Simple Easy Knits

I got this pattern in Lena's and figured that I'd skip the detail work and just use the sizings to cast on the appropriate amount of stitches. Then I had a look see in Singer Sewing Centre which is where Triona, the store assistant, brought my attention to the Sirdar book and the vest tank in that. I may well knit up the more detailed tank at a later date. It's got a lot of ease built in though. The size for a 38-40 inch chest gives an actual size of 44.5 inches and that could be a tad on the loose side for me.

Anyhow, I've cast on for the front and back of the Sirdar vest and hopefully it should be a nicely relaxing knit which will produce a wardrobe stable. It's all good.

Paton's PB N0000-02822

I plan to finish off my poor languishing UFO's as well whenever the straight forward simplicity of the vest pattern leaves me wanting more of a challenge.

My first piece of colourwork :squeeeee:
Issue No. 93 - Large Fair Isle Snowflake

I'm so glad I finally tackled colourwork. It worked out pretty well dontcha reckon? it just needs to be blocked. In future I'll remember to twist the two colours together if it's to be carried more than three stitches between swapping colours. I didn't do that this time and as a result the back is a tad messy. Still, from the front it looks grand and there aren't any gaps between the colours. Yay!

I've also completed the garter stitch square from Issue 96 of the Art of Knitting for the Shaker Style Throw. It's garter stitch so unlike some of it's jazzier cousins it's not getting the glory of a photo.

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