Friday, November 14, 2008

Retail Therapy

I had a headache and felt yucky so when feeling down.......hit the yarn store!


100g Hayfield bonus DK Extra Value €2.60
Colourway 013 SH964 Dye Lot 90181

I like the colour. Normally, as is my fiery Aries nature, I tend to go for, well, colourful colours. Shades that zing and make the viewer go, "oh cool!" Thing is, you can only wear a signature colour piece so many times before it becomes 'that' top. Plus, impactful colours limit what can be worn with them (unless you're into and have the confidence for crazy colour clashing). So, I plan on knitting up a few wardrobe stables for myself in colours that I can mix with almost anything. This particular colourway is most likely gonna become a vest top. However, as always with these things, I am open to influence and shall have to see.

The very lovely store assistant, Triona, iof the Singer Sewing Centre, kindly stashed all 9 balls of this colourway for me while I make up my mind as to how much I'll actually require. While they're strictly speaking only meant to keep stock aside for one week, she'll keep it for me for two.

Cool heh?

Singer's rocks. :)

My art of knitting shaker style throw is also progressing, as below.

The Art of Knitting Issue 70

Stocking Stitch with Vertical Cables Square

That's all for now folks. I've still got a headache and am waiting for the paracetamol to kick in.

Happy crafting.

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