Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nappy Cakes

How's that for an unusal title in a craft blog, hmmm?

I kid you not though. I've seen nappy cakes and not the kind made by an overly tired parent deluded into thinking they were together enough to bake while only having snatched 20 minutes of sleep over the course of the night. (I remember what sleep deprivation does, don't think it's not possible).

No, these are "bouquets" chock full of practical goodies for those in the family way.

I must admit, while I noticed them and thought them cute, I did pass the stall by after a somewhat cursory glance. However, my friend was not content to let these creations pass me by in such a manner (or maybe that should be the other way around). I got nigh on hauled back to the stall by my enthusiastic friend (he was actully bouncing by this point. He's about to be an uncle so that's why the mega bouncy enthusiasm. :) ).
I'm glad (if still rather bemused) that he did. The products on offer are dotey.
As their website notes, a lot of hospitals no longer allow flowers on the ward, so these bouquets make a lovely alternative option.

Lisa & Amy of The Nappy Cake Factory

For more information here are the contact details:

Lisa 087 - 6407966 Amy 087 - 9591479

E-mail: thenappycakefactory@eircom.net


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Anonymous said...

i have to say, of ALL the crafts we say, i was most taken by these. simply GENIUS craft as far as i was concerned.