Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nenagh Christmas Craft Fair Part Two

As promised in my last post we now move on to the bling!

At her stall Anita let me in on the secret that her husband is also a capable jewellery maker and contibuted to the array of pieces on offer (...but ssshhh! it's a secret ;) )

The selection of jewellery available from this crafty pair runs the gamut from pieces to adorn everywhere from your earrings to your wrists and quite possibly even your ankles.

From small and understated pieces

To larger statement pieces

Anita & her husband tending to their customers

As is well known amongst those in the know, we crafters tend to indulge in more than one craft when our time and resources allow (and if they don't we've been know make them). This lovely lady also paints.

Examples of Anita's artwork

As is always the case, the best people to ask about what they do are the artisans and crafters themselves. So here's their business card for you.

What I think is a particularly cool idea is that they can arrange jewellery parties. Just picture it. You could bring that top you know needs accessories and be sure that whatever pieces you get at the jewellery party will suit your needs without any guesswork. Sweet!

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