Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh lookee

If any of you are venturing to Kildare village this weekend and fancy doing something different.....
As per the This is Knit blog post Kildare Outlet Village are holding an event celebrating "The Simple Pleasure of Home". Sounds like a pleasant excursion with free knitting lessons from the folks at This is Knit and free cooking demonstrations.

It's worth a look.

See, knitting isn't just something a few people do at home! :D

Happy times to ya folks!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Something New on the Irish Knit Scene

A knitting cafe in Dublin called Stitch.

Check them out here.

If anyone has been in there yet drop me a comment and let me know how you liked it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well I did say I would......

Take more photographs.

I just didn't realise that the subjects would so often be the kittens.


I'm starting to see why so many craft bloggers involve their cats in their posts.

Seeing that mine 'help' me type by walking across the keyboard, swatting their paws at the cursor as it flys across the screen and check out the sturdiness of my monitor by pacing across it - it pretty much is a case of if ya can't snap 'em out of it - snap them while they're doing it!

Binks admiring the view from my office window

Princess had to have a look in too naturally

Apparently my crochet is well cosy

Blissfully so

Open Ladder Work Stitch

My art supplies
(And no, I don't usually leave my knitting in progress on the floor)

I took a notion and rearranged a few things.

My art supplies have now been moved out of a corner of my office and now take pride of place at the top of the landing. I figure the more often I see my art supplies, the more inclined I'll be to use them. It's worked well thus far. IToday, spent time having fun with my oil pastels and charcoal for the first time in simply ages. I doubt it'll lead to anything but a colourful daub, but it's a start.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I learned something new :)

From "Talking Crochet with Carol Alexander"


In 1840, to assist in raising funds to erect a monument to the Battle of Bunker Hill, New England women held a fair to sell their handmade items. Young and old alike, those who rarely worked and those who toiled daily, joined together to crochet, knit, sew and embroider a variety of useful, attractive items that could be sold for the purpose of building the monument. The women raised an astonishing $33,066 in several days -- more than enough to pay for the monument. This is a great testament to "woman power," well before it became a socially conscious issue!


That's pretty darn neat!

Friday, January 23, 2009

There has been knitting

Vertical Textured Zig-Zags
Mocha yarn
The Art of Knitting - Issue No. 108

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nenagh Knit'N'Natter

This my daughter's birthday......and I've just realised that the two halves of my brain were not communicating with each other when I committed myself to attending the first Nenagh Knit ' N ' Natter in the Abbotts Bar @ The Abbey Court Hotel from 7p.m. until 9p.m.

I'm not sure she'll be all that impressed if I bring her along...... but she is due to have a sleepover on Friday night AND I can bring her for dinner before I head off to Nenagh.

Typical me that I only made the connection as I was typing that sentence.
The Abbott's Bar @ The Abbey Court Hotel, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

The Abbott's Bar @ The Abbey Court Hotel, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary


Oh the joys of merging craft and children.

So, anyhow, yes.......if any of you gentle readers would like to meet up with myself and EddieMc (Ravelry link - will only be viewable by other Ravelry members) you'll be most welcome.

Fountain on the Abbey Court grounds
Pretty isn't it?

Abbey Court Hotel grounds

The Abbey Court is on the N7 Dublin to Limerick Road. Here is a link to maps on the Abbey Court's web page.

The Abbott's is a cosy venue and I plan for us to be seated next to the fire in the area furthest from the food service area. There are two ways of getting to the Abbott's. You can enter the main hotel reception and ask the desk staff for directions or you can enter through the Abbott's front door which is viewable from the road. Either way, you'll know us as we'll be the ones with the needles and yarn.

This is an open group and we'll welcome anyone with a craft interest of any ability level.

So come all ye knitter's, crocheter's, embroider's, quilter's, felter's, cross stitcher's.

The more the merrier. :)

It should go without saying, but I'll mention it anyway, that gender, age, family status and all that jazz are irrelevant. Just bring your good selves, your current work in progress (if you have one) and join in.

Feel free to e-mail me on craftyrainbowhead @ gmail . com if you have any queries.

Any fellow Ravelers out there can find me on Ravelry here.

Happy times and happy crafting to you folks.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Finger's crossed

Ro's top is in the wash and I truly hope and pray that it washes as well as it says it will. I figure it's best to know if it's going to be a disaster prior to giving it to her rather than after she washes it herself.

The lovely yarn that went into Ro's top

Plus, the not so fun part of kittens helping me to knit is that they have a tendency to share their hair with the FO's.

Not good.

Hence washing.

Once it's braved the washing machine and been dried I shall duly post a pic.

Moving swiftly ahead......

My hot off the circulars scarf, in 1x1 ribbing

Made from Double Knitting Pure Wool by Stylecraft, this scarf took 2 skeins of 260m/240yards of the stuff to get a decent size. It's machine washable (yay!) and can be tumble dried on a cool setting, cool ironed (um....just who exactly irons scarves????) and 4mm needles are recommended. I, however, used 5mm needles to get the result I wanted. I'm rather pleased with it. Although, I must admit that the colourway did leave something to be desired on dreary days, so I decided that I needed some more colour in my life and my knitting (sometimes the two do seem interchangeable).


I bought this.

Hayfield Bonus DK Extra Value 100g
Machine Washable Tumble Dry

Quality 013 SH 978

Lot 91635

Sunny, yes?

Wait....there's more.

Hayfield Bonus DK Extra Value 100g
Machine Washable Tumble Dry
Quality 013 SH 957
Lot 95319

I have some more new yarn to post pics of but my data card and and pc have just had a hissy fit with each other, so I guess they're just going to have to wait til the next post.

Til then, happy crafting folks.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome to 2009 Folks :)

I've been happily occupied with my new KnitPicks interchangeable needles and will post pics of my (myriad) works in progress shortly.

For now though.


Happy crafting folks.