Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Finger's crossed

Ro's top is in the wash and I truly hope and pray that it washes as well as it says it will. I figure it's best to know if it's going to be a disaster prior to giving it to her rather than after she washes it herself.

The lovely yarn that went into Ro's top

Plus, the not so fun part of kittens helping me to knit is that they have a tendency to share their hair with the FO's.

Not good.

Hence washing.

Once it's braved the washing machine and been dried I shall duly post a pic.

Moving swiftly ahead......

My hot off the circulars scarf, in 1x1 ribbing

Made from Double Knitting Pure Wool by Stylecraft, this scarf took 2 skeins of 260m/240yards of the stuff to get a decent size. It's machine washable (yay!) and can be tumble dried on a cool setting, cool ironed (um....just who exactly irons scarves????) and 4mm needles are recommended. I, however, used 5mm needles to get the result I wanted. I'm rather pleased with it. Although, I must admit that the colourway did leave something to be desired on dreary days, so I decided that I needed some more colour in my life and my knitting (sometimes the two do seem interchangeable).


I bought this.

Hayfield Bonus DK Extra Value 100g
Machine Washable Tumble Dry

Quality 013 SH 978

Lot 91635

Sunny, yes?

Wait....there's more.

Hayfield Bonus DK Extra Value 100g
Machine Washable Tumble Dry
Quality 013 SH 957
Lot 95319

I have some more new yarn to post pics of but my data card and and pc have just had a hissy fit with each other, so I guess they're just going to have to wait til the next post.

Til then, happy crafting folks.

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