Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well I did say I would......

Take more photographs.

I just didn't realise that the subjects would so often be the kittens.


I'm starting to see why so many craft bloggers involve their cats in their posts.

Seeing that mine 'help' me type by walking across the keyboard, swatting their paws at the cursor as it flys across the screen and check out the sturdiness of my monitor by pacing across it - it pretty much is a case of if ya can't snap 'em out of it - snap them while they're doing it!

Binks admiring the view from my office window

Princess had to have a look in too naturally

Apparently my crochet is well cosy

Blissfully so

Open Ladder Work Stitch

My art supplies
(And no, I don't usually leave my knitting in progress on the floor)

I took a notion and rearranged a few things.

My art supplies have now been moved out of a corner of my office and now take pride of place at the top of the landing. I figure the more often I see my art supplies, the more inclined I'll be to use them. It's worked well thus far. IToday, spent time having fun with my oil pastels and charcoal for the first time in simply ages. I doubt it'll lead to anything but a colourful daub, but it's a start.

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