Thursday, February 12, 2009

Coptic Textiles

For those in the know, you know you'll want to go to this.

For those of you baffled but curious it's a nicely different way to spend some time and learn about something new.

There is going to be a talk on Coptic Textiles in the Hunt Museum in Limerick on May 12th 2009.

Sounds like an interesting way to spend some time, and since I came across this on Ravelry, it sounds like a cool opportunity to meet some other craft nerds too. :)

(Thank you Stitchlily).

Ravelry is like Facebook for yarn nerds by the way.

It's quite accurately described as a time suck due to the photographs of yummy yarns and delicious projects uploaded by the Ravellers.

Eh...I have noticed that yarn and food seem to go together, at least when descriptors are used....yummy, delicious etc. I've found myself doing that quite a bit. I generally only notice when I read back over a post. I wonder does it have to do with the overlapping sensory stimuli involved. That certain colours remind us of food, or that food is linked so strongly with comfort in our cultures.

Hmmmmm......feeling all philosophical now.

Time for a cuppa!


The fuzzy article below is meant to be crystal clear & show the best of modern 35mm digital photography.


Didn't realise it was clear as the view without my specs until after I'd uploaded it.

Still, it does show that my Antler Scarf is now at least twice the length it was since the last post it featured in.

That's nay bad.

Antler Scarf

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