Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Multi-tasker that I am.....

I've added another project to my current rotation of WIP's.

Behold the Antlers Scarf by Micha P. Dammeyer.

Antlers Scarf by Micha P. Dammeyer
From Debbie Stoller's book "Son of Stitch'n'Bitch"

Textured Cabling Detail

I'm liking the way that it's coming together and while it looks complicated it's easy to get a handle on the cabling after a few repeats.

The yarn I chose is Sirdar Baby Snuggly double knitting. Tis gorgeously soft to work with. The best thing of all is that this is a portable project. My other WIP is the sunshine blanket which is WAY too big to be working on while on the bus.

That's pretty much all for now.

Thanks to Squid at Limerickblogger for adding my blogs :)

Happy crafting folks.

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