Sunday, February 15, 2009

Progress thus far :)

The Antler Scarf is coming along nicely

You, of course, remember my last foray into the Aladdin's cave which is Lena's, whereupon I emerged blinking into the daylight with many yarny purchases and a lighter wallet (I paid by Laser so that part is purely figurative). The Tivoli Drift variegated yarn below was among those purchases. Alighted upon with zeal by my blond bombshell.

Tivoli Drift DK

Aforementioned bombshell gave due consideration to what she would like her yarn choice made into and decided on a bolero - not any old bolero mind you, but one with curving fronts which (and she used her hands to demonstrate, in case my increasing years may have hampered my imaginative & cognitive abilities). Not straight. C-u-r-v-i-n-g.

O-k-a-y. Message received and understood. (Harumph)

Anyhow, I searched ALL my knitting magazines.

Let me point out that I have MANY knitting magazines at this point. So much so that they may require the purchase of additional office furniture.

Alas, all that page turning was to no avail (other than turning up more projects to place in my ever increasing queue).

I was beginning to create a pitch aimed at darling bombshell to guide her in the direction of other nifty wasn't necessary however, as........


My pattern hunting was a success!!

Yesterday, shortly before Lena's closed for the day, I scooted in and had a quick scan of their assorted patterns. I was nigh on close to giving up hope and about to indulge in wistful luxury yarn admiration when I happened upon the pattern below.

Pattern 6535 Ages 4 - 14 Elle Monet Bolero Code 05.1941

I worried a tad that I may have had more than a challenge on my hands with the combination of this yarn with this pattern. The Tivoli Drift is a neatly spun double knitting yarn which is generally knit up with 4mm to 4.5mm needles, depending on tension required. Elle Monet, the yarn this pattern supports, is a slubby yarn. It doesn't look neat. It looks like there's been an explosion of multi-coloured cotton yarn around the core thread. It's a lovely yarn. I've used it before to knit up a scarf. The question was would my yarn and the pattern play nicely together.

I had a think.

After exercising my noodle and envisioning the end result I thought the best thing to do was proceed with the instructions given, using the suggested needle size given in the pattern of 6mm. I figured the worst it would do would create a really open fabric that would be more decorative than practical. Given my bombshells fashion sense and love of layering, I figured this outcome would be just fine.


Ka - Ching!

It's knitting up beautifully and will actually fit its intended recipient and not just one of her dolls.

Colour me all aglow with contented achievement.

Heh heh...bombshells response to my suggestion to just buy Elle Monet yarn and find another use for the Drift was met with

"But you'll love the challenge."


My child doth know me too well methinks.

Happy crafting folks.

(and no I'm not going to refer to a certain Hallmark day).

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