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Reposted cos it sounds interesting - A call for Dublin Knitters

I receive regular update e-mails from the Irish Stitch'n'Bitch Yahoo group. This is one of them. I've just yoinked it in it's entirety and haven't (yet) checked the links.

I do love the term guerilla knitting. What a clash of images! :)


We are Amie and Sarah and this is a call for all avid knitters in
Dublin city.

We are Art Students who dabble in sculpture from time to time and we
are involved in a Community Placement programme in Dublin's own
This is what CREATE is about
http://www.create- ireland.ie/ about-us/ who-we-are. html
<http://www.create- ireland.ie/ about-us/ who-we-are. html>
and this is what our Placement Programme is about
<http://www.create- ireland.ie/ learning- development/ placement- programmes. \
<http://www.create- ireland.ie/ learning- development/ placement- programmes. \
//www.create- ireland.ie/ learning- development/ placement- programmes. html
<http://www.create- ireland.ie/ learning- development/ placement- programmes. \
This year is unique in that our Community base has been extended and
we are now able to approach communities that may have interests
similar to our own.
The programme is 6 weeks long, and at the end this there is an
exhibition in The LAB on Foley St:
http://www.dublinci ty.ie/Recreation andCulture/ ArtsandFacilitie s/pages/th\
elabfoleystreet. aspx.
<http://http: //www.dublincity .ie/Recreationan dCulture/ ArtsandFacilitie s/\
pages/thelabfoleyst reet.aspx.>
The exhibition is titled 'From Context to Exhibition'.

We would love to work with a group of people who knit and also to talk
about knitting and the city and lots of other silly things.
Our research has lead us to the idea of guerilla knitting so far, but
everything that we propose to do with a group is up for debate and
So if you would like to get involved in a different type of knitting
we would really like to meet you!

So WHAT is guerrilla knitting?
Well most graffiti is a type of guerrilla attack on the city and its
walls and pavements, think of guerrilla knitting as a gentler and more
subtle form of graffiti...
Here are a few examples as a picture is often worth a thousand words:

Knitta: http://knittaplease .com/KNITTA_ PLEASE.html
<http://knittaplease .com/KNITTA_ PLEASE.html% 20>
(wrapping of the city, there are some really great photos on their
flickr group
http://flickr. com/photos/ knittaplease
<http://flickr. com/photos/ knittaplease> )

Cast Off: http://www.castoff. info/ <http://www.castoff. info/>
http://www.castoff. info/press/ pages/indie_ review_23- 3-04.html
(these guys used to meet up on the circle line on the tube in london
to knit!)

Marianne Jørgensen: http://www.marianne art.dk/
<http://www.marianne art.dk/> (image) (political but

Denise Litchfield:
http://www.smh. com.au/news/ entertainment/ arts/graffiti- artist-spins- a-ne\
w-kind-of-yarn/ 2009/01/13/ 1231608708374. html
<http://www.smh. com.au/news/ entertainment/ arts/graffiti- artist-spins- a-n\
ew-kind-of-yarn/ 2009/01/13/ 1231608708374. html>

Maskerade :http://maskerade. blogsome. com/
<http://maskerade. blogsome. com/> (just plain fun)

We plan to have a venue in the city centre one morning/evening a week
for a few chatty hours of fun and knitting. This will only be until
the end of March, so it could be a nice way to break in the Spring!!
If you like the idea of doing something new and fun with your skills
then please email cailin.glas@ gmail.com (which is Amie's address)

The location and time will be decided when we get some responses
as we would like it to suit as many people as possible.
We want to get an idea of how many people would be up for it, so if
you are even remotely interested could you get back to us before
(Friday as in the 20th of February)

Thanks for taking the time to read up on guerrilla knitting we hope it
made you ponder on the marvels of knitting and smile at the same time.
Looking forward to knitting with you.

Amie and Sarah.

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