Sunday, March 1, 2009

Alphabet Soup March Issue

It's hot off the printing presses and the cyberspace is still tingling from its digital publication.

Your truly got to prattle away within it's pages too!! :D

Click here to have a gawk at my intro to Rainbow Stitch'n'Bitch.

As always, leave a coment and let me know whatcha think.

Sorry I've been away from my keyboard for so long. I've had a horrid chesty flu hot on the heels of two really deep, side-by-side fillings. Only just feeling back to my usual self in the last couple of days.

There had been crafting in the meantime, just not a lot of it and no pictures as of yet. That scenario shall be rectified however.

In the meantime....

Happy crafting folks!


I was well enough to attend Sparkles in UL on Saturday. Head on over to my other blog Limerick Drag Kings to read about that.

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Steve said...

nothing to do with the post, just aside form LJ i now have blog here:

less personal than LJ, but home to all the rest... oh and dont worry we have rants there to.

also as i fill the captcha for this comment, i notice its actually an anagram of I TUG MEN.. maybe cause the word it imentug... still it causes me amusement