Thursday, April 2, 2009

Because it came up over dinner.....

When a craft nerd turns 30, of course the conversation is going to include yarn or patterns or both at some point.

As regular readers of this blog will have noticed, I seem to have knit a gazillion squares for a throw from The Art of Knitting.

My lovely friend Marian liked the idea of confining her knitting to a square at a time.

It's a useful exercise really.

  • Leftover yarn can be used up
  • Frogging isn't as painful to the ego
  • Your repertoire of new stitches builds with every square
  • If you really hate the stitch, you never have to do it again (in theory).
  • There's a sense of completion with each square
  • Each square is perfectly portable for knitting on the go
  • At the end, you get a quilt
So here's the link to The Art of Knitting for those of you who won't be getting to borrow my collection & so you can see what the heck I've been referring to for months.

Oh, and I realised the other day, when setting up my new Ravelry profile, that I've been blogging for just over a year.

Boi but that year flew.

Happy Crafting folks.


I spent today putting together a separate online presence for Rainbow Stitch'n'Bitch.
Please have a look and leave a comment to say hi.

Rainbow SnB are also on Facebook & Bebo.

And, um, Twitter , since I was on a roll :D

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