Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The best thing....

....about volunteering to sit beside a phone for a couple of hours in case it rings is that one gets a super amount of knitting done.

Left Front
Man's Vee Neck Cardigan
14.04.2009: Day 8

MadeMarian got it so right when she observed that posting regular photos of my current WIP's daily growth would serve to motivate me to keep up the good handiwork.

At this point I'd feel rather sheepish if I didn't have some decent progress in pictorial form to upload. It pretty much slays the procrastination monster outright.

I did knit some more once I got home.....through an episode of Angel.

My lil (though becoming more teenage by the second) blond one looked over at one point and exclaimed:

"Ohmigod, mom, you're knitting to Angel!! And like really fast!! You crocheted to Britney! Now you're knitting to Angel"

:insert goggle eyed


It was the soundtrack on the episode we were watching that I managed to unwittingly knit in time to.

Yes, I did at one point find myself crocheting to the beat of a Britney Spears track.

No, it wasn't a bet.

:face palm:

Happy and amusing crafting time to ya folks!


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