Thursday, April 16, 2009




And dang it!

Singer Sewing Centre only had one remaining ball of the colourway I'm using for my chocolate top.


Thankfully, there's a yarn store in Ennis that Triona referred me to that she is fairly certain also stocks Sirdar Escape Wool Rich DK in sufficient quantities.


There was of course stash enlargement anyhow. We took a wander into Hickey's and my blond bombshell decided that her doll needs new handknits. Therefore we gave a loving home to a 100g ball of Wendy Bambino as shown below.

Wendy Bambino Double Knitting for Babies
Colour: 1470 Dye Lot: 6683

I also picked up two decently sized duck feather filled cushions which are destined to be covered with a custom made LukeOblivious hand knit. :)

MadeMarian's ladybug decided to take a wander around my desk (ably assisted by my blond bombshell's restless hands while she surfs the net).

Looks kinda like he's exploring Mars, doesn't it?


Maz@styletreaty said...

Ooooh, nice placement of the ladybug!!

craftyrainbowhead said...

Tis indeed an adventurous lil ole bug. Twill be well travelled by the time it reaches its ultimate home! :D