Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chocolately goodness.....mmmmm

That's pretty much the phrase conjured up while working with this colourway.

I've seriously been longing for Belgian hot chocolate to sip while working on this.

Have a look. Doesn't it look like someone's just cut a swath through some type of chocolate confectionary?

Day 2 Progress

My decision to use garter stitch for the body of the cardigan has borne fruit in making this a very portable, KIP (knit in public), project. I particularly enjoy the quick pace I work up with garter stitch. Quite satisfying really. I also think that it shows off the colourway well.

:) This project recieved its first compliment from a lady sitting beside me at the bus stop today. I was quite pleased about that.

Day 3 Progress

It's going to be interesting (for me at least) to see if I can keep my momentum up with this project.

Only time, and comparing pictures, shall tell.

Goodnight folks.

Happy crafting.

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