Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chocolately progress

Progress Day 4

I've only just realised that the colour graduation seems to have changed. I have had to move to a second ball of yarn. I didn't notice the difference while I was working, but it's there alright. Methinks I shall have a 'characterful' top by the end of my endeavours.

That'll suit me fine.


The bus journey to and from Clonmel this afternoon facilitated quite a lot of today's knitterly progress. My squished thumb is healing up nicely and no longer getting in the way of my knitting. The plaster is a bit of an nuisance though. I'm letting the air 'get at it' at the moment & I've not yelped with pain since typing with it plasterless so perchance my knitting will go a tad more smoothly on the morrow.

Talking about going smoothly, my yarn smoothly made it way out of my bag and travelled the width and then the length of the bus on the way back from Clonmel this afternoon.

:face palm:

Thankfully, it decided to return to me via gravitational mechanics when the bus stopped in Cahir.


Thankfully, my fellow commuters were a patient bunch & merely grinned while I retrieved my errant yarn.

It behaved itself for the rest of the journey. Thankfully!

Happy crafting folks!

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