Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Bank Holiday Weekend

My weekend was filled with sunshine, a road trip, a mystery tour to Coolock, finding This is Knit in Blackrock Village, knitting & undoing my chocolate top several times and spending lovely time with my girlfriend. It was such a good weekend that I got precious little knitting done save what I clocked up in the car journey up to the big smoke.

The last time I was in Dublin was for the Alternative Miss Ireland weekend & on that occasion made my way to This is Knit in Powerscourt. This time around I landed in there so that I could ask directions to their store in Blackrock. I zoned out while directions were being given to my lady, who has a far better head for such things than I, & had a good look at their Knitpicks needles & sock club yarns. :drool:

Prettiness at Blackrock Village

We arrived in Blackrock Village, which is pretty by the way and plans are afoot to head there again and explore the local eateries. It was easier to find the store on foot rather than by car. Once there I kinda didn't want to leave as there was such a lovely atmosphere in the store, not to mention a wealth of lovely yarn and plethora of books that I've not been able to get in Limerick. We reckon the next time I head to This is Knit to drool over yarn and funky buttons, my lady will make herself comfy in a local cafe to spare her feet.

Heh heh

As it turned out, while I added to my collection of YarnHarlot books, my lady got to add an item for herself to my queued knitwear list.

Oh lookee!

  • At Knit's End by Stephaine Pearl-Mcphee
  • Things I Learned from Knitting by Stephaine Pearl-McPhee
  • Knitting Rules! by Stephaine Pearl-McPhee
  • Men's Knits by Erika Knight

My lady took in the variety of yarns available and settled on Debbie Bliss Baby that's not quite true....she scanned the array of colours available and zoned in the on hot pink. :D

Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino
55% Merino wool 33% microfibre 12% Cashmere
Colour: 340029 Dyelot: 20

I figured that if we gave a caring home in my stash to six balls of this colourway that there would be enough yarn to knit up a vest type top. Once we were home in Limerick my stack of magazines were flicked through (which competed with SG-1 for her attention I might add) and out of the possibilities and probabilities the cropped cardi below beat the other competition.

Cropped Waitcoat by Sian Brown

Sourced from Knitting magazine
Issue 56 November 2008

It's now in my Ravelry projects list which means it has to get done! Heh heh. :)

The runners up

From Left to right:

  • Vintage Summer by Martin Storey from Knit Today Issue 23 July 2008
  • Fantail Tunic by Rita Taylor from Knit Today Issue 32 April 2009
  • Autumn Tank Top by Sian Brown from Knitting Issue 55 October 2008
I'm gonna be a busy lil fire sign yarnista methinks :)

I also picked up a pair of KnitPro Interchangeable needles in size 3.25mm. These will nicely enlarge my set of Knitpicks Options Harmony Interchangable circular needles.

The event which had us Dublin bound in the first place was this. Hence the Coolock mystery tour as it took us a fair while to actually find the astro pitch in question (apart from my standing transfixed in This is Knit). To know what I'm going on about you're actually going to have to click the link. Go on. You know you want to. :)

The only downside of travelling to Dublin for the weekend was that we missed Club Wilde :(
Read more about Club Wilde here. We'll make up for our absence by dropping in the door fee to Rainbow Support Services during the week.

Seeing as I have such cool stuff now, tis only fair that I pass stuff on too in the spirit of YarnHarlot's karmic balancing.

This lil guy is for MadeMarian

Plus, I saw this lil guy, and pretty much immediatley thought of the lovely MadeMarian. It's a ladybug magnet. Turns out she has one, but needs a replacement. So I reckon it's just meant to be hers. It can help keep her wedding lists in order on the fridge methinks. :)


Elana said...

Ah ha! Now seeing the wool, I know who you are :-). Glad you liked the shop, and you're welcome back anytime!

craftyrainbowhead said...

I figure my chocolate digestive biscuit yarn is kinda unforgetable. Heh heh :)

We shall be back that way again, perchance to try those great sausages! ;)