Monday, April 20, 2009

A new week....

And new stash.

I had to wait for a wee while in the city one day. Took a wander into O'Mahony's and just had to offer a good home to Wendy Bernards "Custom Knits"

Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard

Then, of course, I had to pick up the next copy of Yarn Forward. Plus the buzz on Ravelry about the current issue, the cover top being photographed inside out and general chatter made me curious to get it.

Yarn Forward: June Issue 13

Following on from my "Eeep" post regarding my newbie knitter error of failing to check if my subsitution yarn went by the same yardage as the suggested yarn....:face palm:.......and the subsequent need for 5 more balls to complete my chocolate top, the roadtrip to source same was had. Thank you Ro!

Getting to Ennis town was easy enough.

Finding parking was pretty easy too.

Finding Feirin....well, let's just say we had a grand aul walk around Ennis and enriched our stores of vitamin D thanks to the sun shining merrily on down. :D

Thanks to MadeMarian I knew there was a decent craft store in the town. We came across 3 by the time we were through. We went into one of these to beg directions. Armed with same...well, Ro armed with same, as I'm a sieve head with directions....we set off in search of the aforementioned Feirin.

Found it!

Just so you guys can plug it into your sat navs, here's the address:

81 Parnell Street,
Co. Clare

Tel: 065 - 6848765

Twas worth the trek. As, despite MadeMarian's sage advice to the contrary, I hadn't contacted the store in advance to see if they stocked the colourway I require. Yes, MadeMarian does know best when it comes to planning ahead in yarn related matters (or pretty much any matters. I'm so gonna hire her when I have a bricks'n'mortar yarn store).

In these times (no, I'm not gonna type the R word), it's important to support our Local Yarns Stores. Just because Feirin isn't, technically or geographically speaking, my LYS didn't mean I couldnt' support it as a continuing resource for Co. Clare based yarn crafters. (Oh how I doth rationalize stash enhancements). Plus, there was a bargain bin...or three. Couldn't pass reduced price yarn up......



I got me some:

  • Sirdar Spree Cotton Rich Chunky x 2 100g
  • Patons Lulu x 1 50g
  • Wendy Allegra x 1 50g
Partly, this impulse buying was to show my blond bombshell that I can and do go for bright colours when it comes to yarn. I like bright and varied colours......I just don't necessarily wear them.

Patons Lulu
Shade: 07005 Dye Lot: K1236
100% Polyester

Wendy Allegra
Shade: 957 Dye Lot: 0490
32% Alpaca, 31% Acrylic & 37% Polyester

Sirdar Spree Cotton Rich Chunky
Shade: 0093 Dye Lot: 1734
60% Cotton 40% Acrylic

Speaking of my blond bombshell, she required a hospital referral today for a tummyache which could have been appendicitis. All is well, if still ouchy. Neurofen to the rescue (seriously, that's what the hospital doctor said to do. Keep an eye on her & give her Neurofen 3 times a day). So anyhow....faced with the prospect of a wait in the count of hours rather than minutes in the hospital, I did what any sane knitter does, I brought my WIP with me and did some KIP.

No-one batted an eyelid at me......or if they did, I didn't care nor notice.....until a little boy walked past with his mother and his eyes stayed focused on my knitting while he continued walking. Thankfully, he swung his head around before his neck achieved an impossible angle for a still breathing homo sapiens. Once his mom had a seat, he returned to me and this was pretty much our chat:

Boy: "Are you knitting. What are you knitting?"
Crafty: "Yes, I am. It's going to be a cardigan sleeve"
Boy: "Where's the rest of it? Is that the rest of it?
(He reached into my bag & pulled out my cardigan front. No stitches were harmed in the execution of this scene) :holding & squeezing knit fabric: Oh, that's going to be lovely and warm"
Crafty: "That's part of it. I knit it up in pieces but don't bring them all with me. They're better off left at home, and yes it should be nice and cosy when it's sewn together"
Boy: : stares enrapt:
Crafty: "Do you know anyone else who knits?"
Boy: "My nan before she died"
Crafty: "I'm sorry she died. It good you know she knit. Did she knit for you?"
Boy: "No, but she had a big bag full of that stuff" (points to my bag full of needles, yarn, an Art of Knitting throw square in progress etc).
Crafty: "So, she had straight metal needles too?"
Boy: :discussed differences between straights & circulars and how his gran held hers: "Can you knit hats?"
Crafty: "Oh yeah, I've knit hats"
Boy: "Can you knit me one?"
Crafty: :D Heh heh "But, I don't know what yarn you'd like"
Boy: "I like that one" (The chocolate yarn of my WIP)
Crafty: "Cool. But I wouldn't know what size to make it or how to get it to you"
Boy: "Could you knit me one now?" (Brain working like a whippet)
Crafty: "Umm....I'm enjoying knitting my cardigan now & I'd like to get that finished first."
Boy: "Do you knit all your clothes?" (Bless, but I love how fast he thought I could knit).
Crafty: "No, I don't. I'd be waiting a long while for clothes if I did that. I knit because I enjoy it and it keeps me patient, especially when I wait in queues"
Boy: :nods in sage agreement & ponders: "Do you find that (knitting) easy?"
Crafty: "I do. I've been knitting for a long time, which is why I can knit so quickly. But knit and purl are easy enough to learn. l bet you could learn how to knit if you wanted. I bet you're smart enough"
Boy: "What?:
Crafty: "Did you ties your shoe laces and dress yourself this morning. Cos if you did then you're smart enough to learn how to knit if you wanted to."
Boy: :with pride in self: "I tied my own laces & dressed myself this morning" :back straigher & smiling:
Crafty: "Oh, well, in that case, you're plenty smart enough to learn how to knit, if you wanted"
Boy: :insert massive grin here:

He returned to his mother and I returned to my knitting & tried to ignore my rumbling belly as the time approached 1p.m.

On my way out with my blond bombshell, I caught sight of the boy again, gazing at.....another KIP knitter!!!!!!


I'm not alone!


This lovely lady made time to natter with my spiked haired self and we got into a right ole chat about knitting, Ravelry (she'd not heard of it before), soakers, patterns........and Rainbow SnB :D

Hopefully, we'll see her lovely self at one of our SnB meet-ups. Details of tomorrow's meet-up can be read here. Hyperlink will take readers to the RainbowSnB blog.

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Pink said...

Awesome tee - the ravelers are stirring, awesome yarn - yeah for a good LYS! And the little boy... daawwwwwwe!