Sunday, April 5, 2009

Oh lookee! :D

Thanks to the graphics meister Evil Steve my bloggie has a shiney new header.


Pleased am I, truly.

On to latest new yarny project in the works.

Man's Vee Neck Cardigan: Design B
Sirdar: Simple Easy Knits
331 Code C

I want this.......I don't mean the manly chest (altho that would be a bonus).....a comfy cardigan for lounging around in. Something nice and simple that will let the yarn do most of the work.

The yarn in question, as pictured below, is Sirdar's Escape Wool Rich DK.

Sirdar Escape Wool Rich DK
Shade: Fervour 181
51% Wool & 49% Acrylic

Taking into account the amount of ease built into the design, I've decided to knit it up to fit chest 32/34 inches.

I was looking forward to working on this over the weekend. It's pretty much my birthday top & the only WIP intended for me. The yarn is thanks to a voucher for Singer Sewing Centre that I recieved for my 29th birthday. I'm so glad that the store saw fit to let me redeem it after a year.

I put the kaiboosh on knitting by closing the car door on my thumb last night (um ouch!). There was distraction involved and I am a klutz.

While there was a trip to the A & E where a dressing was put on it to hide the impending multicolourful aspect of the digit - I didn't linger to see a doctor. The nurse checked that I had my full range of motion, assured me that I would be seen albeit there was no telling when, established that I have no earthly notion when my last tetanus shot was & didn't seem too perturbed otherwise. Staying seemed a waste of my friends time & of the A & E resources.


So I did the butch on it.


My friend did verily roll her eyes at my "I'll be fine" swagger. Especially as I whimpered while sorting out the seat belt.

Impervious boi that I am.


Anyhow, there ensued much gogglement this morning over our Sunday morning fry -up.
(If in the vicinity of Shannon Airport's cafe I recommend trying the full Irish. Tis surprisingly good).

The opening of sugar sachets and milk portions alike were beyond me. Much to the miffdom of my uber-independent self.
(Tellingly, my first words as a toddler were "Me do it").

Now that the throbbing has eased and the inflammation has died down, thanks in no small part to anti-inflammatory pain relief, I may try a few stitchs.

Wish me luck.

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