Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Post Rainbow Meet-up

Wherein I got plenty of knitting done and squeezed in some bitching with my blond bombshell offspring heh heh. There were only the two of us as MadeMarian had a class, Froodie is without mobile & got my Tweet late, Abydos is up to her neck in eZine editing and Fatandfortysomething is most likely working.

I figure these things need to start somewhere though.

My kvetch about The George as a location would be:

  • Coffee: Twas stewed....urgh
  • Lighting: Twas fairly dim

A different venue required methinks.

Still, worth doing as it got me out of the house and the weather perked up (a wee tad less grey). Afterwards I took my blond bomb to Chocolat for dinner. A worthy pitstop in any itinerary. Blond bomb tried Caesar Salad (which bless her cotton socks she called Kaiser salad). I got their take on Mango Chicken and enjoyed it muchly. Blondie decided next time she gets a "Kaiser" salad it will be without the pine nuts or the sauce. that will be a plain salad for my gourmand in the making. :)

Between our mini SnB and home based knitting afterwards I have cast off the left front of my chocolate cardi as pictured below.

Left Front
Mans Vee Neck Cardigan
15.04.2009: Day 9

Even with the scads of knitting accomplished over the last few days, I had restless hands after casting off. I figured it a foolhardy enterprise to cast on the right front of the cardi as I failed to reach Singer Sewing at all this evening and thus have yet to replenish my stash of Sirdar Escape Wool Rich DK required for this WIP.

So.......I cast on something completely different.

The Art of Knitting
Issue 119
Diagonal Garter Stitch & Embossed Leaf

It will get finished tomorrow.

Good night folks and happy crafting.


Maz@styletreaty said...

Well, could we try a tuesday night, how about Nancy's? And could we make it later, 6 is a bit early. For example I finish work at 5 and don't get home til 5.30, by the time I have dinner eaten it's 6.30 or 7 at the earliest - could we say 7.30?

PS Yoga was great and I'm delighted that I went.

craftyrainbowhead said...

I was thinking that 6 was a tad early. For the days that I work full time I'd be more interested in food at that hour rather than yarn crafts. 7.30p.m. sounds about right to me. I'm easy with the days - Tuesday is only an issue for me the 2nd tuesday of the month as I volunteer on the helpline. It's more of an issue for Froodie.

It's great you enjoyed yoga :D Frabjous!

Sarah NĂ­ Riain said...

Yep... tuesday's my Yoga day :)
But only for the next three weeks, I think.

But... half seven sounds great to me on whatever day :)

craftyrainbowhead said...


Tis Tuesdays then.

Next up Nancy Blakes :D